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Road Trip to Seoraksan

Posted Oct 17 2010 4:35am

A lack of posts for a few days means I was away again this weekend with my parents.  This time, we took a 2 and a half hour road trip east to Seoraksan, the third highest mountain in Korea.  Right now is the peak visiting time because of its beautiful Fall foliage.

I absolutely love road trips.  There’s something about being trapped in a car for a few hours on the highway with some good music and games that gets me excited. :)   The scenery of pretty mountains helped too.  I even drove part of the way.

Looks like my mom enjoyed being on the road a bit too much ;)

We stopped at a rest stop to use the bathroom and my dad wanted to pick up some Walnut Pine Nuts Cake.  They are basically baked mini puff balls stuffed with the nuts and red beans.

Sweet and delicious.

The eastern coast of Korea consists of seaports and fishing.  We spent the first night exploring the beachside during sunset.

We also went to the local fish market.  I loved all the sea life sold at a cheap cheap price.  There were fish of all sorts: alive, dead, fresh, cooked, and dried.

Fresh fish were being chopped alive everywhere.

Hack! Hack!

And here’s how I feel about that.


It was such a fun experience.  There were tables set up within the market so you can eat right after purchasing the fish at the spot.  We were thinking about eating dinner there but we were too full from our late lunch so we decided against it.

The next day, we decided to take the gondola lift to the top of Seoraksan to look at the Fall leaves at a high altitude.

The lift was HUGE and was able to fit 50 people.  It was a bit scary but I forgot about the height when I saw the beautiful peaks.

The change in temperature at a higher altitude was very drastic from the bottom.  It was much colder and VERY windy.

Wind slapping me in the face

Mom’s holding on to her hat tight so it won’t fly away. :D

I’d say it was worth it with this view though.

I wanted to reach the peak but it was so windy that I was falling over from it at some points.  I decided I’ll just crouch in front of it and take a photo. :)

The walk back to the gondola was the best part!  The multicolored leaves were so beautiful.

After we took the gondola ride back down, we decided to take a mini hike on one of the trails through the bottom parts of the mountain.  The entrance had a giant buddha that was scary big.

There were also mini food stands along the way, including one selling corn on the cob!  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I LOVE corn on the cob.  The corn could be purchased either steamed or grilled, and of course I chose grilled.  I bought one and shared with my parents.

After a 30 minutes walk into the mountain, we stopped by the river to take a breather.

I felt bold and decided to dip my feet in the water.  Big mistake. The water was FREEZING!  It actually hurt my feet because it was so cold.

AHH! Get me outta here!

Trying to dry off on the warm rock

On the way back down, we stopped at a restaurant located right next to the river running down the mountain.

We had some greasy Korean potato pancakes and rice wine.

Rice wine makes me happy and giddy. :D

For dessert, we made a stop on the way down for some Korean taffy called Yut.  It’s a thick sweet malt syrup and it’s rolled onto a wooden stick so you can eat it like a lollipop.

Rolling it on

So sweet and tasty!

The end of the trip was the best part.  We went to the beach and played badminton.  Badminton is one of those sports I forget about and then once I start playing, I realize how fun it is.  We took turns playing each other.

The three of us in action!

What a family of athletes. :D

The weekend was so much fun.  I’m really enjoying all the amazing places my parents have been taking me to.

OH!  I almost forgot to tell you – While we were looking at the Fall foliage on top of the mountain, a Korean news channel was doing a story on the peak tourism season at Seoraksan.  The camera man saw me taking photos of the leaves and videotaped me for the story.  I was on Korean national television for 5 seconds that night during the news!


I’m famous now! :D

I thought it was pretty cool, and I’m happy I was able to take a photo of the screen at the right moment. :)

How did you spend your weekend?  Have you been enjoying seeing the leaves change color?

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