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Resources for Nutrition Philosophy

Posted Sep 30 2010 12:00am
Making healthy snacks for kids is definitely not the easy choice. It's so tempting to pick up a bag of Chex Mix or a box of granola bars while I'm at the grocery store. I've been brainstorming about what kind of snacks I could make for the kids that would appeal to them. Snacks are supposed to be fun, right? Here's what I've got so far
Ants on a log--spread nut butter on a celery stick and line up raisins (ants) along the celery (log).

Popcorn--cook popcorn in a pan with coconut oil. Place in ziploc with salt and nutritious yeast flakes. Shake until well coated.

Homemade yogurt with strawberry freezer jam--You can make yogurt overnight in your crockpot! For real! It's so simple! Add granola or pour it into paper cups, stick a popsicle stick in it and make frozen yogurt pops.

Apples with peanut butter dip--to make dip add equal parts honey and peanut butter. To make it more nutritious use organic raw honey.

Fruit and cheese kabobs--self explanatory, but cubed cheese and fruits on a stick.

Fruit and cheese shapes--use your handy dandy cookie cutters and voila!

Peanut butter and cheese on homemade wheat crackers

Good ol' cookies and milk!--Make the vitamins and minerals more absorbable and easier on tummies by soaking your grains the night before and serving whole milk.  (Raw milk would be even better)

Crispy Nuts--These nuts are soaked and then baked in the oven until dry again. Why all the soaking? Nuts and grains contain phytic acid which keeps vitamins and minerals from absorbing. Soaking (and sprouting) breaks down the phytic acid.

Green Smoothies--In a blender mix any combination of fruits and your choice of liquid like milk, juice or kefir. You can also add a sweetener. I usually use honey. Add in a handful of spinach or kale and you have a green smoothie. My kids don't actually like their smoothies green and I can't blame them. I use a mixture of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries to hide the green.  Purple is much more appealing than green. The kids also don't like the taste when I add more than a handful of greens. They detect it right away and refuse to drink it. For more information on Green Smoothies read  

Chips and Salsa--Tortillas are fairly easy to make, cut them up and bake them and you have chips. To make it even more healthy make fermented salsa. What's all the fuss about fermented foods? Fermented foods have lots of good bacteria (like the stuff in yogurt) so it's great for little tummies.  Also, fermentation increases the amount of nutrients in a food so more vitamins and minerals per bite.    A great resource on fermented foods is .

I'm still on a hunt for fun, yummy snacks that the kids will go nuts for.   As I find more ideas I will test them out and those that get the thumbs up from my little judges will be posted.
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