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Relished Review

Posted Apr 10 2014 3:29pm
Back in February I mentioned  that Fabio and I tried out Blue Apron - a meal delivery service that sends fresh ingredients and recipes for three meals to your door every week (or whenever you want it). Although the food was delicious, nutritious, and easy to prepare, Blue Apron doesn’t allow for much meal customization when it comes to food allergies, which I found to be a big inconvenience.

Unfortunately Fabio is allergic to shellfish and, even though I contacted Blue Apron to discuss this issue with them a bit, I was told that at this stage they cannot make those sorts of modifications. They do allow you to choose from a vegetarian meal plan, a fish meal plan, or a meat and fish meal plan, but you can’t choose a meat and fish meal plan with no shellfish, for example.

This means that when a shrimp gumbo-type meal was scheduled to go in our package and I didn’t check the menu in time to “skip” that week’s meals, it was delivered in our package. I then had to get crafty with chicken substitutions and save the shrimp for a day when Fabio was doing something else and I was eating dinner alone. Not the worst thing in the world but, if I’m paying money to have these meals shipped to me, I want to make sure I can eat them!

Then a couple weeks ago I heard Anne talking about Relished . It sounded pretty similar to Blue Apron and she offered a nice discount, so I checked it out. And guess what? They allow for allergy modifications! Woohoo! Cue the singing angels.

After putting in her discount code and filling out Fabio’s allergy info, I sat back and waiting for our food to arrive. Yippee!


The box arrived on Wednesday of last week and I was so excited to see the different meals they sent us (even though I had obviously checked out the menu beforehand ;) what cane I say, I love food!)

Inside  the box were three paper bags labeled for each meal, along with helpful recipe cards.


Even though I pretty much knew what to expect in each bag, opening them up still felt a little like Christmas haha. It’s just so fun to open up packages!


The front of each recipe card had a little overview of the meal, and the back had a list of step-by-step instructions.


Even if you don’t consider yourself a great chef, these instructions are  pretty fail-proof.


Another thing I liked a lot about Relished? They give you drink pairing recommendations (love this, as I know nothing about wine) as well as plating suggestions! I never would have thought to pile more of this vegetable succotash on top of the pork, but look how nice that looks ;)


 I also really like that each meal was well-balanced and included plenty of fresh and colorful produce.


This flat iron steak meal with rosemary, purple cabbage, arugula, and blue cheese was one of my favorites and I gobbled up every bite!


Not kidding.


Fabio’s favorite was this sweet cream and tomato basil rigatoni, which came with fresh bread. Nom!


All in all I think Relished might be a bit expensive for us to continue with regularly (it’s $60 for three meals) but if you didn’t grocery shop and wanted to replace your evening meals with Relished I could see how it would be affordable. I know a lot of people who only make dinner at home three times a week anyway, so it would definitely make sense for them.

I also think Relished would make a great gift for friends who like to cook and maybe want to experiment with new cooking styles and ingredients. It’s great for couples too- I know Fabio and I both have fun in the kitchen when we make these types of meals.

My one note of warning is to be careful with your subscription- we ordered one week at the discounted price and then I waited a couple days to cancel the service and they wound up charging me for a second week. Womp womp. Totally my fault. I actually don’t mind at all (now we have another week of Relished meals and don’t have to go to the grocery store!!) but it was definitely unintended and Fabio may or may not have scolded me for spending $60 more on food. Woops! ;)

**And now some good news for you!** Use discount code ‘ChelseaEatsTreats’ for 50% off first orders!! Woohoo!

Question of the day: Have you ever tried food delivery services?

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