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Reflections on best body bootcamp

Posted Sep 17 2012 6:16am

Brady was totally thrilled you loved his tricks , he has been practicing very hard!

So as I mentioned on Friday Best Body Bootcamp ended. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the program, it is hosted by the wonderful Tina and it is an 8 week program she has set up. Every two weeks she emails you your new workouts for the next 2 weeks. The second week is always the same as the first but with more reps or building onto the previous week.

When I first signed up for the bootcamp I was a little nervous I may have wasted my money because I didn’t know how committed I would be to the plan. I tried the Jamie Eason LiveFit trainer and didn’t care for it. I tend to stick to the things I know at the gym for fear of looking stupid trying new to me moves that I may not necessarily know how to do properly! It is silly I know but I can’t help it.

Once I got the first 2 weeks of the workouts I was pleasantly surprised. I loved how thorough Tina was in explaining the next two weeks. What I found to be most helpful was that everything came with videos for you to watch in case you didn’t know what to do. It definitely helped with my anxiety when trying new to me exercises.

Before I started Best Body Bootcamp I was getting pretty bored with my workout routine. I wasn’t seeing any changes in my body and I was really wanting to be toner and have more muscle definition. I was feeling pretty down on myself and wasn’t feeling very confident. Over the past 8 weeks I felt more confident than I have in years. I am the last person to say something positive about myself and usually will find everything wrong. But, I can honestly say I am very happy in my current body these days and I think I owe that to best body bootcamp.

I do not weight myself or take measurements so I don’t know if I lost weight (not that I was intending to). I can see muscle definition in my arms and abs. I feel stronger which is an awesome feeling!

I cannot wait for the next round of bootcamp, which starts in October! Sign up starts today!!

Have you challenge yourself lately?
Did you participate in bootcamp? Will you next round?

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