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Recipe: Russian-style potato salad

Posted Jan 13 2010 1:45am

Russian-style potato salad

I have an Aunt who is from Russia and I remember how in love I was with her potato salad.  For some reason, I always thought it was a German potato salad but I’ve only just realised that it is in fact a Russian potato salad.

What got to me about this salad was the intense flavour and how delicious it was to have cooked carrots and also peas included in it.  The salad itself is quite simple, but every single ingredient seems to star in this dish and I’d have to say it’s one of my all time favourites because of this.

My take on this wonderful salad includes some home-grown ingredients which I’m extremely proud of – my spring onions and dill.  I do have beetroot growing and it is almost ready, but I bought some from a farmer’s market which needed to be used first.

You’ll see also in the background that there is another salad.  It’s a basic green salad with hydroponic tomatoes.  The greens are all home grown also – lettuce, spring onions and garlic chives.

Making use of your home grown vegetables and herbs makes cooking even more worthwhile!

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  • 6-8 serves


  • I cooked my potatoes and beetroot the day before to ensure they were cool.  It’s not necessary but I do think the flavour is much better by doing so!


  • 6-8 large potatoes
  • 3 beetroots
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 3 tbs egg mayonnaise
  • fresh dill – handful
  • 2 spring onions


  1. Dice your potatoes, leaving the skin on.  In some boiling water with salt add the potatoes and allow to cook.
  2. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees C or 360 degrees F.  Roughly wash the beetroot, chopping the ends and leaves off.  Wrap in some foil and place in your oven for an hour and a half.
  3. Cool both of these ingredients by placing in the fridge overnight.
  4. Unwrap the beetroot from the foil and peel the skin off.  By leaving overnight, it will slip right off.
  5. Dice the beetroot and add to your diced potatoes.
  6. Season quite liberally with salt and pepper (I use white).
  7. Dice the spring onions and tear the dill and add to your bowl.
  8. Add the mayonnaise and stir through lightly.  The dye of the beetroot will change the colours instantly.
  9. Enjoy!

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