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Recipe Love

Posted Dec 28 2010 12:00am

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I loved reading about everyone’s wonderful Christmas weekends!-There are so many fun family traditions! So, I suppose some of you are beginning to put away your decorations… I’m thinking about just keeping them up until.. er.. Easter… I mean why not be in the Christmas spirit for as long as possible!? Except for the tree…. I’m thinking its not a good idea to keep a rotting tree in my living room…

Anywho.. I got up to two new recipes this weekend that I’m super excited to share!

First up: Chocolate Banana Fro-yo.. but I nicknamed it Choco-Nanner Fro-yo.. why not give your food nicknames?!

This was super creamy and cooled me off since my house is boiling with all these radiators on!

Chocolate Banana Fro-yo:

1 cup greek yogurt (FROZEN- I used Fage 0%)

1 Nanner

1 tbsp Cocoa powder

1.5 tsp agave

Microwave the frozen yogurt for about a minute to soften slightly.. chuck it in the food processor or blender with the agave until smooth… meanwhile.. Nuke the nanner in the microwave for about 40 seconds and mush up.. pop in the processor along with the cocoa powder and blend until its all mixed and creamy! Sprinkle with cinnamon or more cocoa powder.. or coconut or anything really!

I also made a little single Raw Cookie Dough Cookie inspired by this gal’s old blog!

I have made some raw cookie dough bites before, which are super similar, but all the recipes yield so many! Sometimes I just want one little cookie and this recipe is perfect for just that! It was delicious- I would choose raw cookies over normal cookies anytime…

Raw Cookie Dough Cookie:

3 tbsp Cashews

3 tbsp Wheat bran (oats will work too!)

Splash of vanilla extract

1.5-2 tsp agave

Just combine cashews and wheat bran (or oats) in a food processor and mix.. then add the rest of the ingredients and SHAZAM. I totally recommend adding carob or chocolate chips to the cookie- I didn’t have any so I just took a fudgie and made little balls from it to stick on! You can eat it straight, but I recommend refrigerating for a bit until its more firm!

It was a perfect little addition to my lunch!

Turkey, pickle, light laughing cow, spinach and mustard on WW sammie with carrot sticks and mah cookie!

In other news….

I have been enjoying some cereal + pb combos:

1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean with tbsp Dark Chocolate Dreams (and some agave!)…..

The crunch of the cereal and smoothness of the pb go together like bread and buttah!


Cannot get enough of this song!

I am a sucker for dance music… but yes, its the shiz… go listen!

Other than totally overplaying that song, I haven’t been up to much as I am enjoying my time off!! I hope some of you are still on break too!

Alright I am off to go paint my nails with a new color that Santa put in my stocking!

Do you have a favorite nail polish color? I love earthy colors!

Have you listened to that song? What do you think of it!?

xxx Carrie

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