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Rebecca Carlson of Purely Delicious Magazine :: An Interview + Giveaway

Posted Mar 22 2009 3:15pm

Purely Delicious

It is a real treat for raw foodist and health conscious individuals alike to have an informative, fun, and entertaining raw food lifestyle magazine like Purely Delicious.

Purely Delicious is the brainchild of Anna Tipps, former Publisher and Editor, who passed the job of running this amazing magazine into the very capable hands of Rebecca Carlson.

Rebecca’s creative past parlays nicely with the ongoing creation and development of Purely Delicious magazine. She has a background as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, and has been awarded the prestigious Telly, and National Addy Awards for her outstanding talent and achievements in the travel and entertainment field. Along with running a magazine, Rebecca also is co-owner of, an online retail store that offers a nice assortment of eco-friendly gifts and raw foods.

The raw food lifestyle is one Rebecca embraces and attributes to the vitality of her body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s meet Rebecca!

RE: First off, how did you discover raw food and why did you decide to embrace this diet and lifestyle?

RC: I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in November/December of 2005. And I really didn’t love the idea of injecting medicine for the rest of my life, which would cause flu-like symptoms each time I used it. So I started doing research on finding a more holistic treatment option. I was turned down twice for an experimental treatment program because my blood wouldn’t reproduce the vaccine. I had changed my diet significantly based on what I was reading online about gluten, dairy, etc. But my energy level was at rock bottom even with those changes in my diet…I was functioning, but things were pretty bleak. I was home from work sick on the couch when I saw an episode of “diet wars” on Tyra Banks.

Alissa Cohen was on that show and everyone who tried the diet said “more energy” so I signed up that very day to try a 30-day raw challenge. After a few days of detox and jitters from the lack of coffee and sugar… it felt as though a piano had been lifted from my shoulders and I felt fabulous, by day five all of my MS symptoms were gone. I was hooked, to say the least.

RE: How has it contributed to your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being?

RC: Wow. I think my mother put it best when she said that she felt she “had her daughter back.” I didn’t realize I was missing, but I was, physically, emotionally, socially and even my faith took a giant hit shortly after my diagnosis. So yes, at one point things were so low I was asking myself, if this was all there was for me in this life if it would be better for me to just end it. I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this happy, peaceful or filled with love and health since my early teen years. I thank God not only for showing me the path to health but allowing me the amazing responsibility to help others.

RE: I learned that you had a vision of starting a raw food magazine and now you are doing it. Congratulations! Tell us a how you became editor of Purely Delicious magazine.

RC: Ha-ha. Yes, I’ve learned we must be careful what we speak. Shortly after going raw (almost 2 months in to be exact) I was chatting with my best friend about how the advertising world just wasn’t a good fit for me any longer, and it was she that said I should draw on my background as a designer and work on putting a raw food magazine together. I loved the idea and shared it again with a small group of people at a raw food training seminar. I had no idea where to start, so I placed the idea on the back burner for a while so I could start In the fall of 2008 I heard about Anna Tipps developing breast cancer. I was so saddened by the news. Then someone called me to see if I would be interested in buying the publication. My instant response was, no because I didn’t feel right about benefiting from another’s misfortune. I told her we would pray for her, but said if she had other offers to pursue them. But somehow, it kept coming back. Anna and I eventually talked for a long, long time. And found we had so many similarities in mission and faith. And, as it turned out, we finalized the transfer in mid-October. God receives all of the credit for making it happen, I really had very little to do with it. My original prayer was I want to help people and do something that will be meaningful, the answer I never would have predicted.

RE: What is your vision for the direction of this magazine?

RC: It’s more than the food. I want to put the cookies on the table where everyone can reach them and appeal not just to the 100% raw purists. But instead make an effort to reach out to people who have no idea what raw is all about, or have no clue what amazing benefits are within reach. People who are trapped in sick bodies, held captive by depression, obesity and fatigue. We want to set those captives free while being informative, fun, relevant and sassy. We want to touch on all of the subjects that arise quite naturally when people begin to clean up their diets… everything from eco-friendly products, to organic gardening, to pet care and raw recipes. We want to be a resource for those in life transition.

RE: What do you enjoy most about being the editor of Purely Delicious?

RC: Being able to use my creative talents in a new way that is helping people. It is so incredibly rewarding.

RE: Give us an example of what a day is like managing Purely Delicious?

RC: Each day is different, but it usually starts out with a green smoothie or juice, answering emails and filling orders. Then depending upon the day, will include writing, interviewing, designing, photo shoots, and yes sometimes even quoting printing, etc. My beagle lets me know when I need to step away from the computer, he places a ball in my lap and holds it there. “HINT!”

RE: Do you see a growing interest in a raw food lifestyle from your perspective as a magazine editor?

RC: Wow, yes…do I ever! A good friend recently sent me an article about how magazine subscriptions are down industry wide by nearly triple digits. But we have experienced the exact opposite. We have increased Purely Delicious subscriptions by 25% since November 2008. And most of those are new subscribers. I was blessed to learn that over 96% of our readers would recommend Purely Delicious to a friend or family member. So our next step is going to be asking them to do just that. And we have noticed so many people have been buying subscriptions for their family members and friends, what a great gift idea.

RE: What is coming down the pipeline for Purely Delicious?

RC: I am looking at proposals now from various online companies, yes I want to add an online version. For several reasons, the first being the obvious… to save a few trees. But also to open up the foreign market, it is quite cost prohibitive to ship overseas (about $6 per issue) We will be able to charge the same rates to everyone for the online version. Plus there are some pretty nifty features, like live links, video and audio clip capability, etc. We are hoping to roll out a beta test so everyone can see it and make suggestions.

RE: What advice would you give to others who aspire to create and run a magazine?

RC: It’s a LOT of work, way more than you can ever imagine. Find people you trust completely to work with and kiss goodbye to the rest of your life. LOL

RE: What are some of your favorite books and magazines on the topic of raw food, green living, and spirituality?

RC: I have really been enjoying Matthew Kenney’s new book, “Entertaining in the raw” and a friend gave me a nice devotional that we have been going through together. Believe it or not, I don’t have a lot of time for reading books and tend to do that the most when I travel.

RE: What hobbies do you enjoy?

RC: I love being outside at the beach, in the garden, playing volleyball, snorkeling/kayaking, camping, outdoor concerts, etc. I also enjoy photography, writing and travel.

RE: What is the most amusing response you’ve experienced or reaction you’ve received when you told someone about the raw food diet?

RC: So, you don’t eat meat? Not even chicken or hamburger???

RE: What fruits or vegetables are your favorites, least favorite and why?

RC: Ok now this one is tough because it changes with the seasons… a nice juicy slice of watermelon, tomato or pineapple can be great in season… out of season they can be downright nasty. But in the fall, a honeycrisp apple is pretty hard to beat.

RE: Where and what was your most memorable raw meal?

RC: Easy. My very first raw meal out – at the Raw Food Underground, in West Palm Beach. MMM, tacos and a velvety slice of chocolate torte, oh my… I thought I died and went to heaven.

RE: If you could be or do anything else what would that be?

RC: I would be the host of a tv travel show and official spa reviewer. Wouldn’t that be great? I could use a nice spa day right about now.

RE: What one word would you use to describe yourself?

RC: As a woman of many words I found this question impossible. So here is a little creative license:

Many heartfelt thanks to Rebecca for carving out some time to do this interview and for the thoughtful gift basket of goodies she generously put together for this giveaway.




Rebecca has generously put together a fabulous gift basket of goodies for one of our lucky readers. Here’s what is in the awesome gift basket (worth about $135):

- 1 year subscription to Purely Delicious Magazine
- 1 Organic cotton embroidered tote bag
- 1 RAW bumper sticker
- 1 Raw agave, 13.25 oz bottle
- 1 Goji Berries, 10oz bag
- 1 Organic sundried olives, 8oz bag
- 1 UliMana Raw Truffles 5.5oz
- 1 Tangerine Pear - Jimmy Soy Candle, 7oz
- 1 White sage wildcrafted incense, 40ct

In addition, Raw Epicurean offers one reader a 1-year subscription to Purely Delicious Magazine!!

So, what do you have to do to be eligible to win one of these amazing gifts? Answer this question:

Which season – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - is your favorite time of year?

Leave your response to the above question in the comments section below. One entry per person, please. This giveaway is limited to residence of the U.S. only.

The drawing for this giveaway will take place Thursday, March 26th and I will use my favorite random number picker to choose the winning participants, and I’ll post an announcement of the winners the same day.

Best of luck!!!

Also, if you are so inclined, you might like to drop Rebecca an email at and offer your thoughts and suggestions to this question: What type of article(s) would you like to see in Purely Delicious magazine?.


More about Rebecca Carlson

Visit her website for raw food products and green gifts, and the magazine’s website

Listen to Tanisha Marshall of Keeping It Real Radio - interview Rebecca.

Become a Purely Delicious Magazine Fan!

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