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Raw Almond Butter

Posted Jan 15 2013 11:08pm
Weekends like the one I just had are my favorite. Peaceful and quiet. It was one of those weekends where I didn't feel like running errands, or shopping, or going out, I just wanted to stay in my house, with my favorite person, and fur-person. I threw out the to do list and enjoyed just being in my home. I started out Saturday morning at yoga, then spent the rest of the day watching movies and napping. Sunday I decided to try my hand out at almond butter making. One of the reasons I was so excited to get my Vitamix was for the ability to make nut butter. Fast forward to six months later....better late then never!! ab1 I used 4 cups of raw almonds that I got bulk at Sprouts. I want to say that making this is cheaper than buying it already made, but I can't remember how much I paid for these almonds, which Tim remembers being on sale.... ab2 The best thing about making this is I know exactly what is going in to my almond butter. No preservatives, no extra oil, no sugar, just raw almonds, and a little sea salt (not pictured). ...and we blend and tamper, making nut butter is good for building muscle in your upper body :) ab3 This is what it looked like after I turned off the blender. Seemed a little "grainy" to me so I blended it for a few more minutes, until it was moving freely and I didn't need to use the tamper to push it in to the blades. ab4 I spooned the mixture in to an empty peanut butter jar, and still had more! ab5 From what I have read, it should be ok for up to 4 months. I thought the texture was still a little grainy, but I didn't want to add any oil. After some research, I discovered that freezing the almonds might help since the Vitamix blades get really hot while blending and may not allow all the oils to be released to make it creamy. Read more here at Fit & Fed. I will be trying this next time. pbbananasandwich In the meantime, what to do with all this almond butter? What's your favorite use of almond butter?  
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