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Radical Radish Juice Cocktail

Posted Mar 20 2009 3:14pm

Radical Radish Juice Cocktail Ingredients

I know what you must think – she’s gone off the juicing deep end. I confess, I have and it’s been a whole lot of fun delving into uncharted juicy territory. Approaching the juicer with a sense of fearlessness and using the usual and not-so usual suspects to try combining juices is a playful way to discover fun new drinks. This unabashed way of juicing yields surprisingly delicious results, sometimes only good results, and then there’s the down right awful.

The drinks I’ve juiced and created during my 20 days on juice were good, all except for one. The unforgettable asparagus, grapefruit and ginger combo ( please don’t try this at home or anywhere for that matter! ). I drank most of it in order not to waste, and I must say, it was truly a glass of disaster!

Before I go on, I don’t want you to turn you away from the prospect of using asparagus to create a drink. In fact, last year I created Asparagus Cooler, and it is delicious and refreshing. What I learned is juiced asparagus doesn’t mix well with two juiced grapefruits (rind, pith and all) and a ton of ginger. Lesson learned.

On a brighter note and overall, my experience juice feasting was incredible and I would highly recommend it to anyone willing to give it a go. It is a great way to gently detox and nourish your body, mind, and spirit. There are no strict rules as to how long a juice feast should last. It could last a day, 3 days, one week, 21, 30, or even 92 days! I hold great admiration for those who have experienced a 92-day juice feast. That is a truly amazing accomplishment and those who have accomplished this are true juice feasting inspirations!

My Daily Juice Menu - Day 13 - 19

Day 13
Morning: Plain water 8 ounces; 2 whole oranges [rind, pith, pulp], MSM – 8 ounces
Afternoon: 1 whole lemon and apple – 8 ounces; grapefruit, orange, celery – 16 ounce
Evening: Fennel, apple, orange, arugula, beets, lemon, parsley, sea salt – 28 ounces; fasting tea – 16 ounces

Day 14
Morning: Coconut Water – ounces; herbal tea – 16 ounces; plain water – 16 ounces
Afternoon: Apple, carrot, grapefruit, mint leaves – 24 ounces
Evening: One head broccoli and cauliflower, carrots, flat leaf parsley, green onions [scallions], 1 clove garlic – 28 ounces; plain water – 17 ounces

Day 15
Morning: Beets, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, dill, parsley – 33 ounces; plain water – 17 ounces
Afternoon: Apple, celery, whole lemon - 20 ounces; plain water – 17 ounces
Evening: Bok choy, carrots, broccoli, green chili pepper, garlic, green onions [scallions] - 33 ounces

Day 16
Morning: Carrot, celery, cucumber, apple; plain water – 16 ounces; herbal tea
Afternoon: Coconut water – 16 ounces; plain water – 32 ounces
Evening: Beets, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, dill, parsley – 20 ounces; detox tea – 8 ounces

Day 17
Morning: Plain water – 16 ounces ; nettle tea – 16 ounces
Afternoon: Apple, celery, cucumber, lime, MSM – 40 ounces; plain water – 16 ounces; nettle tea – 8 ounces
Evening: Nettle tea – 8 ounces; plain water – 8 ounces

Day 18
Morning: Plain water – 8 ounces; Glass of Disaster!
Afternoon: Plain water – 16 ounces; coconut water – 8 ounces
Evening: Detox tea – 8 ounces; plain water – 8 ounces

Day 19
Morning: Plain water – 8 ounces
Afternoon: Pineapple, cucumber, cilantro, alfalfa sprouts, lime, chili pepper – 34 ounces
Evening: Plain water – 15 ounces; detox tea – 8 ounces

Day 20
Morning: Plain water 16 ounces
Afternoon: Radical Radish Juice Cocktail
Evening: carrot, apple, celery – 32 ounces

It is amazing how full and satisfied you feel from drinking a glass or several ounces of nutritious juice, and the variety of flavorful drinks you can create is unlimited and fun.

Radical Radish Juice Cocktail

One thing I noticed during this feast is that I became more sensitive to waste. I carefully chose the most vibrant, beautiful, and of course organic produce and whenever I could buy vegetables with their green tops attached, like radishes and beets, I did. Their green tops are full of vitamins and minerals and I’d run them through the juicer to add delicious flavor to the drink.

Radical Radish Juice Cocktail

The taste of this drink is surprisingly mellow, light, and refreshing.

1/2 bunch radish, with green tops
1 small whole fennel, with stalks
6 stalks celery, with leaves
1 large cucumber
2-3 fresh juiced oranges

Rinse all ingredient and soak and rinse the radishes well to remove any grit and sand. Cut each ingredient into pieces and slices that will fit into your juicer - slice the radishes in half, quarter the cucumber, etc - and run all the ingredients, except the orange through a juicer. Extract the juice from each orange and mix with the vegetable juice. Enjoy!

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