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Posted Apr 23 2009 5:28pm

This will  definitely be one of those posts. I promise I’ve been alive, but just crazy busy with school and the like. I have 3 weeks until I’m done with school, so it’s been papers, papers papers all the time. My huge project, my senior thesis is just driving me nuts, and I still haven’t gotten some of the books that I ordered from other libraries, so needless to say I’m a little stressed. Add on to that trying to find a new place to live and I’ve been one busy girl. I’ve been around reading and commenting (although reading way more!), I think you guys can understand that I just cannot put a coherent sentence together some days! ;) I promise this is totally a limited time deal… Then I’m home free, and will have way more time!

I do have some meals that were notable… Apparently the BSI ingredient was lemon last week and had I known I totally could have entered this entire meal! :) I made lemon green beans, pasta salad (that had lemon) and some broiled chicken. The pasta salad was the best, I zested a lemon and added it to the cooking water with some chicken stock, and cooked some veggies with it. Then topped it with a little parm and lemon juice and it was perfect! The picture totally doesn’t do it justice, since we’ve been having camera issues in the household (we have 4, and yes we had issues!)

Both of J’s camera’s broke, and both of mine decided to drain their batteries and I could not find where I put my chargers for them! It was so frustrating… But I found them!

We did taco salads this week… I made tortilla chips, which were super tasty. This, however, is a recycled pic (hey, it’s Earth Day, gotta recycle!)

I reverted back to a tasty meal today… PB and Banana toast, so good! Especially on a new plate from IKEA! (J conned me into going, somehow I get to go to IKEA when he wants to buy wheels. That has been the case for everytime I’ve gone!)

I’ve got one more… I thought this was kinda funny… Mr. J decided to create a “grocery” list for me on my dry erase board. He’s so crazy sometimes.

I’m going to try and be around more for the next couple of weeks, but please don’t hate me if I’m not, I still love all you guys!

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