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Quick Collard Greens and Game Night

Posted Aug 18 2010 12:00am

Some days are just b-e-a-uuuutiful and it puts me in a great mood while doing the simplest things around the city.  Like walking to work and appreciating my surroundings.

Pretty church on 11th Street/5th Ave

That was yesterday.  Today is gloomy again, and extremely humid and muggy.  Think it’s about to rain.. bleh.

Last night, I came home from work and had to fix up a quick dinner because I was about to head out again to meet some girls for our first Game Night.  My friend Jackie has been meaning to start this weekly get-together for a while now, where we would meet at someone’s place and play a game of choice, mainly board games and sometimes cards.  We finally got some people together for it and it was our first night!

But dinner first.  I recently bought some collard greens, which I have never done before by myself.  I’ve eaten it plenty of times before but the gigantic leaves always sorta intimidated me too much to attack it in my own kitchen.  However, I decided to be bold this time around because it was on sale for 89 cents/pound.  Too good of a deal to pass up.

The leaf is bigger than my head!

I know the traditional way to cook collard greens take a a while but I had to make it quick to be on time for my evening get-together.  So I searched the interwebs and came to my rescue with this solution .  I used the same method but added carrots to my greens and cut down on olive oil.  I’m always impressed by how much leafy greens shrink down while cooking.

THIS turned into..

this. In 3 minutes!

I microwaved some frozen corn while the greens were cooking and for a protein kick, I opened up a can of tuna and made a tuna salad sandwich using Arnold Sandwich Thins.

Fast and simple dinnah!

Nothing too fancy in my tuna, just a tbsp of lite mayo, a bit of mustard, pepper, and a dash of hot sauce.  Of course I added some leaves from our basil plant to our sandwich and it made a big delicious difference.  I love having a colorful plate like this.  My theory is that the prettier the food, the tastier it is!  At least in most cases..

I finished off with two homemade apple-oatmeal cookies for dessert.

I baked these a few weeks back and still have some left in my freezer.  I forgot what recipe I used but I was trying to use up these disgusting grainy apples I had bought.  Seriously, they were SO bad.  I found a cookie recipe that uses up a ton of apples in the ingredient list and the result turned out pretty fabulous.  Fluffy and cakelike, unlike most other oatmeal cookies I’ve had.  I’ll try to find the recipe again.

On to Game Night..

Our first Game Night was a success!  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and didn’t get a chance to document it, but I ended up meeting a few super nice girls for the first time and we had tons of fun laughing and getting to know each other.  Jackie brought a trivia game called Smart Ass.

Have you ever played this before? You should try it, it’s really cute.  The whole point is to correctly answer the trivia questions and get to “The End” aka the ass of the donkey (or the ass of the ass?) in the middle.  We played a few rounds and I didn’t win once (I suck at trivia! :( ).  It’s okay because I had a great time and we  ended up chatting up about our lives and boys during and after (naturally).

I think we are gonna try doing it again next week.  I love these kinds of cheesy traditions that start with your friends and/or family, and I’m hoping to make Game Night one of them.

Guess I should get some work done now.. chat with you later!

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