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Quick, Cheap, Low-Carb Meal

Posted by Lela D.

For an easy weeknight meal, I can always fall back on Scrambled Eggs and Stir Fry. It takes no planning because we always have eggs and fresh veggies on hand - right? Even the super lazy or time-crunched souls can do this one because you can buy ?fresh? produce already cleaned and cut up in those nice little bags now! Yay! Not only is this meal cheap and nutritious, it's easy to clean up too. When you're done stir-frying up your veggies (in olive oil and garlic salt), use the same skillet or wok to scramble your eggs. Mix it all together if you want, or if you're going super low-cal, opt for the whites only and mix those into your vegetables. The oil is your biggest calorie splurge but it's worth it! (Added bonus: kids will totally eat this!)
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I do this also. My family will eat any kind of vegetable stir fried with eggs. Try a little lite soy sauce or some salsa with it. Yummy!
I recently went to a down home, soul food restaurant in Baltimore. I just wasn't in the mood to chow down on deep fried stuff or variations on ham hocks. They did have on the menu a delicate timbale of scrambled egg whites, roasted red peppers and roasted portabello mushroom. It was elegant and filling, without being belly-busting filling. So, I would suggest that and use a biscuit cutter to mold your food to a beautiful presentation.
I'm pretty sure the egg-white omelet/scramble is back in a big way. Everywhere I look people are eating egg whites again! My kids can handle the yolks, but whites only may be in my future....
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