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Quality Cookware: More Bang For Your Buck

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:06pm
A fter speaking of what would be a great way to steam, here are some more tips and information about finding the proper cookware, written by the writers of

"When searching for cookware to fill your kitchen, you may quickly realize that there is a vast selection of items to choose from. Not only that, but most cookware, dinnerware, and bakeware pieces vary greatly in price. Finding the right pieces on a smaller budget may seem like a daunting task. When it comes to cookware, you may surprised to learn that you can still find great deals on quality items but it is important you know what you are paying for.

The main factor to consider when buying cookware is the material. Cookware can be comprised of a wide range of materials, each ranging in price, quality, and versatility. It is important to know how different materials affect your cookware before deciding on a particular cookware piece.

Copper cookware is the best way to ensure that you cook your food evenly. Copper conducts heat better than most other materials and is perfect for braising and other cooking techniques that require a perfect distribution of heat. The drawbacks to copper cookware however, are that copper is both expensive and it reacts unfavorably with some foods (most notably acidic foods). It is for this reason that many copper pans are lined with a stainless steel which helps avoid this problem.

Stainless steel is another popular cookware material choice. Stainless steel is considered a good “middle of the road” material for cookware that is both relatively inexpensive and durable. Stainless steel is a great choice because it is versatile and easy to clean, though it is not a great conductor of heat. This means it takes longer to cook foods evenly, but it is still a popular choice for most home kitchens.

Aluminum cookware is the most affordable option for cookware; however it wears down rather quickly. It is for this reason that most aluminum pieces are lined with a more durable metal. Aluminum will also react with certain types of food, so this must also be taken into consideration. If you decide to go the aluminum route, opt for anodized aluminum pieces which will help avoid sticking.

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for and most people won’t notice the difference between high end expensive cookware and more economical options. Only those with an extensive knowledge of cooking or those that use unique and complicated cooking methods may notice the difference. In the end you should do your best to match your cookware to your personal style of cooking. If you fancy yourself a chef, you should probably invest a cookware set that will best highlight your talents, but for most people an affordable stainless steel set should do the trick."
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