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Q+A Round 2 Part III

Posted Apr 18 2011 12:00am

Good morning guys!! I loved your support on my Garmin being stolen story- as well as your STAPLE SUNDAY love from yesterday!

Today calls for another round of my Eating Disorder Q+A!

Click here if you’ve missed Part I and click here for part II

here we go for Part III!

What do you want to do after you finish highschool?

College for sure and then study to be a dietician/sports nutritionist and personal trainer of some sort!

How did you recover from your EDs? Did you ever go inpatient or do a program? 

I went to a treatment team both times for my anorexia.. I never got help for my bulimia, but I was able to conquer that on my own. I never went to inpatient because the first time, I was too young and they thought I wouldn’t mix well with the older girls and then the second time I showed them that I didn’t need to by gaining weight within the first week of getting help. I think going inpatient would have really hindered my recovery, but I know that is not the case for everyone.

Your hair is so gorgeous! What is your typical hair care regime? How long did it take you to grow it out?

Thank you!! I actually don’t treat my hair that nicely– wooops! I wash it every other day with L’Oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioner, but I do straighten it sometimes, and blow dry, which isn’t the nicest thing to do to it…. I do eat a lot of healthy fats, which definitely helps your hair get smooth and silky. My hair grows super long in the summer.. Probably like an 1.5 inches or so… I’m not really sure how long it took to grow it out since I’ve always had it pretty long.. Maybe like 1 year?

what is your favorite music to run to?

Anything by Tinie Tempeh, Taio Cruz, Ke$ha, Rihanna, David Guetta!

Why did you develop anorexia and bulimia? Was bulimia a result of your anorexia?

 I developed the ED as a result of lots of changes and stresses going on in my life as well as just feeling down on myself, since I was always very critical of myself. I developed bulimia after my first case of anorexia but a couple years later- I was feeling insecure again, started to binge and as a result felt the need to purge and then got caught in the trap.. Then anorexia came back again after bulimia like 6 months later. 

You said you were 11 when you developed your ED, that is so young :( Do you think you could write about what pressures you felt regarding your body and food? You are such an inspiration to many you have an ED and show that life is so much better without 

Yes! I was extremely young and the clinic really hadn’t seen many people as young as me go through what I was going through. I could try and do a post on the pressures I felt, the only hard thing is that I honestly don’t remember much before my first ED… I almost feel like my mind got erased in a way because I was just so caught up in the disease that I changed completely, but I could definitely try and do something- I’ll have to find a way to express it all into words! Thank you so much, I’m so so glad I can be an inspiration and help those who are struggling!

Do you think that writing a food blog keeps you focused on your eating habits and exercise routines more than necessary? This question isn’t just for you, but for all “recovered” girls who have food blogs. 

I think it can be positive and it can be negative for people. For me, I feel it is positive because I’m trying to show people how you can be happy and healthy and trying to inspire others as well as learn about new workouts and recipes, which is always fun! I am very confident in my exercise and eating habits that I don’t even focus on them.. I just kind of do them and then share with people!

Are you looking forward to The Royal Wedding? I am sooooo pumped for it and I live in the US! 

Hah yeah! I think mainly because we all get a day off here- woohoo!

When did you make the decision to go vegetarian (before, during, or after recovery?)

During my first recovery I was a meat and dairy eater…. During my second recovery I wasn’t  claimed a ‘vegetarian’ but I didn’t eat much meat….I was recovered when I went vegan, but becoming vegan cleaned up those last little ED thoughts. 

I love your blog. I’m struggling a lot with an eating disorder right now, and I love looking at your blog and seeing how it is possible to be happy, healthy, and passionate about food after recovering. It’s very inspiring, and I hope to get there one day.

This means so so much to me.. Thank you so much! And  you will, If I could do it, so can everyone else!

Will you talk about how your family dealt with your ED? Like how they found out and how they did or didn’t support you? I’m scared to tell my family about my ED, but my doctor thinks I need residential treatment, which would mean they would find out.

Yes! Well the first time I had my ED, my parents really had no idea what they were dealing with. It was a shock to all of us. I went to the doctor one day to get a shot and whilst there he saw me and could tell I was very underweight.. He then took my height and weight and found I was clinically very underweight.. That day he referred us to an ED clinic and that’s when they diagnosed me with Anorexia Nervosa… Thats really when my parents found out- they knew I was having eating troubles and had sent me to a therapist, but clearly it wasn’t working. During recovery my parents became VERY controlling- it was extremely difficult to deal with. During my second relapse though I told them to back off, which they did and that really helped. If your doctor says you need treatment you really should take his advice.. Your parents will support you- they will most likely just be worried, but your long term health is SO worth it. 

What helped you recover from your ED? Do you ever worry that you will relapse in the future, or do you feel like you are pretty solidly in recovery?

Having time to really evaluate my life and myself  was the BIGGEST thing that helped me recover.. I took some time away from school and everything else and it really gave me that time to truly think about my life and my future. I feel very confident that I will never relapse- I have become so much stronger  than I ever was and already having a relapse in my past showed me how much I really HATED this disease.

I love your blog and think that your decision to open up about your past ED to help people is great! As you suffered from ED at such a young age, did that affect your puberty (start later/less developed/amenorrhea)? X

Yes most definitely! I actually had never gotten my period prior to my ED since I was only 11 and I never really started puberty. Even after treatment, I was still at quite a low weight so it took a few years for my hormones to kick in.

Did you lose your period during your ED, and if so, what did you do in terms to get it back. Could you still exercise whilst trying to get it back?

Since I was 11, I never got my period beforehand so I never ‘lost’ it.. It took a few years until I had a very light period, but then I relapsed so I lost it then. I have always exercised, so yes I could exercise to get it back, but I had to make sure my body fat was at a certain percentage because you cannot menstruate if your BF is too low. 

has your weights changed since becoming a vegan?

Not that I know of.. If anything I’ve gained muscle weight from the extra energy I’ve had to do more exercise- And I feel great about it!

Who inspires you?

There are tons of people who inspire me- including many of you guys in the blogworld, but I can honestly say that I inspire myself. I don’t mean to sound conceited, but looking back I have accomplished and overcome SO much that I truly am just so proud of myself. I inspire myself to reach for my ultimate goals and dreams because I know that if could overcome my EDs I can do anything. 

How do you fit everythingn in between school, studying, excercise, healthy eating, friends, family etc. How do you find your balance?

This question is so tricky because I don’t have ‘perfect’ balance, but I know that no one can! I must say some days are easier than others.. I’ve always been a ‘go-go’ person meaning I’ve always had a lot of stuff to do and I love being busy (with stuff I like to do!) I’ve always had my ‘wind-down’ time at night and in the early mornings, which I used to use for tv… But now I just replace most of it with blogging, so it works out fine!

I’ve been dealing with bulimia for the past two years secretly. I just told my boyfriend last night. Neither of us really know what to do to control this. What did you do for your ED? Any advice to just get through daily life? 

I know how you feel and what you’re going through… Honestly for my ED, I got help from a treatment team, they got me a therapist, a dietician and a family therapist. The therapy really helped me find out why I was behaving the way I was behaving and the dietician taught me a lot about proper nutrition and gave me a meal plan to stop the bingeing. I really do think you should consult your doctor so he/she can refer you to a specialist clinic…. They will help you get through the day because they know how to handle these things. It’s going to be tough- but it is SO SO SO worth it- trust me.

that’s it for PART III if you have any more questions or add on questions from these posts then just ask them here  (completely anonymous) and I’ll answer them in the upcoming parts!

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