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Put That In Your Cone and Lick It

Posted Jul 14 2010 3:00am

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It is rare that I leave the city, unless it is to go up to my cottage, fly across the country or to another country. On a recent and rare adventure, I got in my car to visit a land far, far away (commonly known as the suburbs). Raspberries were calling my name. “Meghan! Come pick me!” They yelled.

And that is just what I did. I suited up for raspberry picking and wow did we indulge in our fair share. Who knew that Thornhill was a wild raspberry haven. It is my city-dwelling friends. It sure is.

There is much debate in the healthy eating world about what berries are the best. Do we want strawberries or the powerhouse of blueberries ? Do we go with the super Goji or Golden Berry ? Do you want to know what the best berry is? Do you really want to know what the very best berry is?

It is the berry growing right in your very own backyard that you can pick and eat right off the tree. That is the best.

Now Josh and I went out harvesting on my very first day of holidays and because I am human and had been working like a mad woman, I was feeling a little sicky and in need of some immune boosting powers. So what did my dear sweet Josh do? He made me the best medicine ever! Black Raspberry and Ginger Sorbet.

And because he is the man that he is, he also sprinkled it with raw cacao nibs. Up until this creation I thought he was my dream boat. His place has now been taken by this sweet medicine. If you are curious as to what we did with all the other raspberries, you’ll have to come back on Friday to find out. I can’t give away all my secrets at once. And if you love this recipe, you will totally love all the treats that are included in the Summer Sipping Book .

Black Raspberry Ginger Sorbet
(seves 2)

1 cup black raspberries, frozen (or any amazing berry you find)
1/2 inch ginger (or more if you can take it)
1 cup frozen pineapple
raw cacao nibs for extra love

  • Put all ingredients (except cacao nibs) into your power blender or food processor and blend until smooth
  • Scoop out and sprinkle with cacao nibs
  • Let the healing and loving begin

Question of The Day: What is your fave summer fruit picking memory or experience?

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