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Pumpkin Ravioli with Butternut Squash Sauce!…

Posted Oct 05 2012 7:02am

Happy Friday!  We finally made it to the weekend!  Like I keep saying this has been a very long and stressful week.  I will be happy for it to say goodbye!  What are you doing this weekend?  I’m extremely excited about tomorrow!  In the morning I am getting my haircut.  I need it shaped and the length cut more than when I had it done last month.  It wasn’t cut exactly the way I wanted so I need to get it fixed because I have a few things coming up that I need my hair to look nice for, one being Mike’s old co-worker’s wedding next weekend.  So I’m looking forward to getting my hair cut.  I’m also looking forward to participating in my very first walk!  I had mentioned before that I am participating in the Take Steps walk for Crohns & Colitis !  I am so excited about this because I am walking for something that affects me every single day.  I am happy at the chance that the will have booths set up with information and where I will be able to talk to other people who feel the same way that I do.  Sometimes I feel very alone with Crohn’s and I don’t know who I can turn to that understands what I am feeling and just knows certain things about it.  I am hoping to connect with some people and get some valuable resources so that I can take steps and beat this finally.  I hope the weather will be alright and that the rain will hold off.  Surprisingly, I received a lot of support from co-workers with this walk.  I am very happy about that.

So yesterday, I posted all about the pumpkin finds at Aldi.  I did mention that I left off two products because Mike and I were going to prepare them for dinner last night and that we did!  For our meal, we had pumpkin ravioli with butternut squash sauce!  Stupid me didn’t realize that there were tomatoes in the sauce and tomatoes really bother my stomach now.  So despite the fact that it tasted great, my stomach wasn’t too pleased.  Whoops.

Pumpkin Ravioli from Aldi


Butternut Squash Sauce also from Aldi

I made some penne pasta to add to the ravioli in case that it wasn’t going to be enough for both of us to eat.  We also made garlic toast.

Pumpkin Ravioli!

My dinner bowl

I thought for sure as soon as Mike took the first bite, he was going to hate it.  He likes pumpkin but he is not a pumpkin fanatic like I am.  He doesn’t really enjoy pumpkin when it’s in savory things.  He likes it when it’s in sweet things like desserts or breakfasts.  I was shocked when he said how much he really liked it!  The filling of the ravioli tasted almost like pumpkin pie.  You could taste hints of cinnamon and luckily, you couldn’t taste much nutmeg.  I HATE nutmeg with a passion!  I will not cook with it or eat anything that contains it.  I hate the flavor and the smell.  I was thankful that I couldn’t taste it at all in this pasta!

The butternut squash sauce paired perfectly with the pumpkin ravioli.  It wasn’t too sweet which I was afraid of.  It the taste of butternut squash and tomato paste which was included in the ingredients.  It also contains milk.  It wasn’t too heavy of a sauce and it was a nice change from your typical pasta sauces.  I really enjoyed this meal.  It was something different.  Do you enjoy pumpkin in savory dishes or do you prefer sweet when using pumpkin?

That’s all I have for today.  I am planning on doing more of our wedding recaps very soon.  I’m hoping to possibly do one over the weekend again or post it on Monday.  So stay tuned for that!

Have a great Friday!

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