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Product Review: Barney Butter - Almond Butter (Crunchy)

Posted Dec 20 2010 7:48pm

Ever since I started reading Tina Haupert's Carrots 'N' Cake , I've heard her endlessly talk about Barney Butter which is essentially Almond Butter.  Tina swears by it, and I figured I'd have to give it a try, finally.  Last week after my Ina Garten book signing in New York City , I went to Whole Foods and spotted Barney Butter and I instantly knew I had to buy it and see for myself.  

This morning I had Barney Butter on toast and I topped this off with some banana and flaxseeds (yes, I realize I need to grind flaxseeds to really get the full benefit from it - workin' on it).  It was pretty good, but not really what I had in mind.  Read more of my review on Barney Butter, below. 



Whole Foods @ $5.99 (10 oz. Jar)

All Natural
No Cholesterol
Lower Saturated Fat
High Protein
High Fiber

Vitamin E - 25%
Iron - 8%

CONS:High Fat

VERDICT - 3 / 5
Personally, I don't consider myself a fan of Almond Butter which is probably why I didn't care for the Barney Butter.  When at Whole Foods, I was debating if I should purchase the bigger jar, and I'm so glad now that I went with a smaller jar.  

The Almond Butter tasted just like almonds, and would suit someone who is allergic to peanuts.  The texture was creamy and smooth.  Although I'll manage to get through this jar of Barney Butter, I still prefer the taste of peanut butter over almond butter.  Sorry guys, I know a lot of health food fanatics/bloggers/people love Barney Butter.  I can say this though, if you love Almond Butter, this is probably the brand to buy. In addition, Almond Butter has less saturated fat than Peanut Butter - something to consider when making a decision.

Tell Me: If you tried this product, what are your thoughts on it?   Does this product contain GMOs? 


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