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Posted Feb 03 2010 5:10am

Jacques Pepin has long been a fan of pressure cooking.  That’s no surprise since he grew up in France where many cooks prepare tough cuts of meat under pressure in soups and stews.  I know he’s been interviewed for a forthcoming NPR segment on pressure cooking; can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

In the U-Tube video hyper-linked below, if you fast forward to the second minute, you’ll see him demo the preparation of a quick chili con carne, using a recipe from his new book and TV series, More Fast Food My Way.

Like me, he doesn’t bother to pre-soak the beans. There’s no need to…

It’s really fun to watch Jacques chop vegetables for the chili:  boy is he fast!  The pressure cooker cooks everything in 1/3 or less the standard cooking time and Jacques also chops in about 1/3 the time it takes most home cooks!  (NOTE that Pepin in using an electric cooker which cooks at about 9 pounds PSI.  If you are using a stovetop cooker, you can use high pressure pressure and reduce cooking time by 20%.)

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