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Pressed / Fermented Cucumber Pickles

Posted Dec 11 2012 2:57am
pressed cucumber

OK, I’m officially starting to get my groove now for pressed / fermented vegetables. Some might call my addicted. They might be right.

My husband goes nuts for pickled cucumbers in all sizes and flavours and is devouring this jar as we speak. He also loves my pickled cucumbers but I find the vinegar a bit harsh on my digestive system.

The vegetable press I have needs to be at least half full so that the disc can press down the contents inside… so this recipe is for half a vegetable press full of cucumber and makes about 2-3 cups (which is about 2 large jars). Cucumbers seem to take less time to press than other vegetables.

Please read my post about the ‘Ancient Art of Fermentation’ before starting –

5 large cucumbers (English cucumbers are the best or any time where there is more ‘flesh’ than ‘seed)
2 teaspoons of organic celtic sea salt (make sure you don’t spare on this as it is key to the fermentation process)
Grainfields probiotic fermented drink
Some clean jars

1. Peel each cucumber.
2. Remove each cucumber’s centre – the gooey flesh and the seeds. You want the hard flesh remaining.
3. Chop into bite-sized pieces.
4. Add the cucumber to your vegetable press and screw down disc as low as it can go and as tightly as possible.
5. Leave the cucumber in the vegetable press for at least 5 hours. The vegetables are done when the water rises and stays level for a while (and can’t rise anymore).
6. Unscrew the disc and stir the liquid through the cucumber pieces once more.
7. Wash the jars thoroughly in hot soapy water or sterilise them in the oven ( click here to read more ).
8. Place the cucumber into jars, leaving roughly a 1cm space at the top for ‘breathing room’.
8. Add enough Grainfields drink to bring the liquid levels up to the top of the jar (you can also use the remaining pickled water from previous cucumber batches too).
9. You can either eat now or screw lids tightly onto the jars and place in the fridge. I recommend you label your jars with a sticker to help keep track of time.
10. The cucumber will continue to ferment/pickle and will keep for a month or so. You can open the jars at any time and their taste will change depending on how long you’ve left them.

Use your pressed cucumber in salads, wraps, sandwiches or as a side dish for main meals.

Many thanks to Angie for her recipe.

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