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Preparing Yourself for a Vampire Invasion [or How to Roast Garlic]

Posted Jan 13 2013 4:08pm

It seems to me that the Italians get an excessive amount of credit when it comes to defense against vampires.

I mean, sure, many traditionally Italian dishes–or the Americanized versions–call for a heavy dose of garlic, but, to be honest, I think Dracula would be even more wary of the Greek isles.

Baba ghanoush, tzatziki,  hummus.

All feature garlic as one of the most integral components of what, in their best form, are very short lists of ingredients. So it doesn’t seem right to let Greek Week pass without a little lesson on the roasting of garlic. In my opinion, garlic is best when it is roasted. Roasting garlic banishes the pungent aftertaste to the Underworld and brings out a warm, surprising sweetness that, tantalizes your tastebuds without terrifying your dinner date.*

*Or requiring  the consumption of lots of gum and mint tea before other foods taste good again.


How to Roast Garlic

1. Obtain a head of garlic. 2. Pretend it is your birthday. Unwrap with enthusiasm.

(Do not save the paper. Unlike with prettily patterened gift wrap, no matter how carefully you remove it, you will not be able to reuse it later.)

3. Off with its head!

(Well, just the top. I could make a very un-PC historical scalping reference here. I will not.*)

*Except I just did.

4. Make like a bored waiter dealing with leftovers and get wild with some aluminum. 5. Roast your swan garlic for about 30-45 minutes at 400 degrees. 6. Squeeze it like go-gurt. Or a freezy pop. 7. Make skordalia. Oh, wait. We’ll get to THAT tomorrow. :)

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