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Posted Oct 14 2011 12:00am

Hey hey ehyyyyyyy


today I gots lots of random stuff to shareee!! A fun workout that I did and some random photos!!

SO.. Thursday, I did a rockin’ workout which you can see on my Dailymile! (got one? LEZ BE FRIENDS!)

I;ve TOTALLY gotten out of my workout rut lately by just doing fun circuit workouts etc… 

this one was no exception!

Warm up: 5 mins jog on treadmill

Circuit 1

Military press 8 reps, 15lbs dumbells x3

Pulse squat (bodyweight) 20 reps, x3

Lateral raise with 5 sec hold, 5 reps X3 with 8lb dumbbell

.25 mile sprint on treadmill (9mph)

Circuit 2

Lunges in place 12 reps each leg x3

Skull crushers, 12 reps, 20 lb dumbell x3

Leg press 12 reps x3

.25 mile sprint on treadmill (9mph)

Circuit 3

Bicycle crunches 20 reps x3

Pushups (NOT on knees!) 12 reps x3

Glute kick backs 20 reps each leg x3

.25 mile sprint on treadmill (9mph) 

and you’re done! it was so so fun and kept things fun since there was a  lot of changin’ up!

my toushie was sore after those glute kick backs, that’s fosho!

And now.. for some RANDOM photos lurkin on my phone!

big veggie salad with turkey and salsa.

I actually felt SO SICK to my stomach after this meal– that happens when i eat veggies sometimes.. like in large quantities.. so i haven’t had veggies in like 2 weeks since.. I know, shame on me.. but i get such bad stomach aches sometimes after eating them and my body is NOT craving them whatsoever.. its so weird… but im just listening to it and not eating them!


my swap with SHANNON!  


Questions of the Day:

Has anything similar happened to you with the veggie thang?

What do you want to be when you’re older/what is your career if you are already… old? (and obvs I’m not calling you old, but you’re older then me.. ;)  

p.s I think ima take a break from my blog- not sure for how long, but its much needed for some detox!



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