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Plain & Fancy Farm in Lancaster & Dating Anniversary Weekend!…

Posted Nov 20 2012 7:03am

Hi there!  Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope your short week is off to a good start! I’m loving that this is a short week and tomorrow is my last day of work until after the Thanksgiving holiday.  I love Thanksgiving so much!  I am definitely looking forward to cooking a wonderful meal all day.  I’m praying that it turns out how I imagine.  I have faith that it will.

So yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to update about our weekend.  So I’m going to take the time to talk about it today.  Mike and I celebrated our 7 year dating anniversary on Sunday.  Seven years is such a long time that we have been together.  It truly doesn’t feel like 7 years and it was weird to not celebrate our anniversary like how we used to.  We didn’t go all out or get each other gifts or anything like that because it’s just our dating anniversary and we will save that for our wedding anniversaries.  We still want to celebrate the day that we became an official couple because if it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Will you still celebrate your dating anniversary when you are married?  If you are married, do you still celebrate your dating anniversary?

On Friday, we decided to get Chinese food for dinner.  I took Mike to the restaurant that I took food out from the previous Friday.  He was very impressed!  I’m glad that I introduced him to a new Chinese place that is excellent and is much cheaper.  We spent the rest of the night relaxing and watching tv.  We ended up going to sleep kind of early that night.

On Saturday, we decided to go to Lancaster for the day!  We are loving visiting Lancaster, not only for the atmosphere but the amazing food!  We first ended up at the Wilbur Chocolate Factory .  This is one of the oldest chocolate factories.  It was packed in there so we didn’t end up staying long.

Chocolate Factory

Our next stop was Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA.  Hah, I know.  The town name is an interesting one.  There were lots of cute shops there.  We walked around and had a soft pretzel and delicious coffee!  It was perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.  We visited a bakery/jam store there where they had a ton of different samples. I love places like that.  It gives you a chance to try things before you decide if you want to buy them.

We traveled to the town of Bird-in-Hand, which is literally down the road from where we were.  We stopped at Kauffman’s Fruit Farm & Market .  I’m so glad we did!  There was an Amish girl outside the store with a donut station set up.  She was making fresh apple cider donuts!!  If you follow me on Twitter, you probably noticed that I kept ranting and raving about this donut.  It was warm when she gave it to us and it was covered in cinnamon sugar!  Best donut I have ever had in my life.  I was so glad that we stopped there.

We stopped at another farmer’s market to walk around and see what they had.  When we left the store, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  We witnessed a hot air balloon taking off!  One thing you should know about me, is it’s my dream one day to go in a hot air balloon.  I don’t know why but it’s something that I have always wanted to do.  I’ve never been so close to one before!  It was across the street and I got some amazing pictures!

Hot air balloon

Such a beautiful picture!


Looking up at the balloon above us

I was so excited that I was able to get some great pictures of it!  Have you ever been in a hot air balloon?  Would you ever?  I think I would be scared but it’s something on my list of things that I would like to do.  I think it would be such an incredible experience not to mention the views!  Heavenly!

Our last stop on our trip to Lancaster was to the Plain & Fancy Farm Restaurant .  I was super excited about this!  The manager graciously invited us to enjoy dinner!  Mike and I are HUGE fans of this place!  I’m telling you, if you haven’t tried this restaurant you are seriously missing out!  You don’t know what you are missing until you try it.

Outside of the restaurant

Sign explaining the dining options

There are two dining options at the Plain and Fancy Restaurant.  For $19.95, you can enjoy the Farm Feast where if you look above, it says all of the food that you can enjoy.  It’s a huge selection of food.  It is served family style so you are sitting with other people that you might not know.  If you prefer to eat privately with your own party, you can choose to eat in the Ala Carte dining, which is what Mike and I did.  One day we will do the Farm Feast.  I have to wait until my stomach issues are resolved because there are some items on that menu that I cannot enjoy now.  I’m hoping to try it one day soon!

The restaurant also has a huge country store attached to it, which is great to browse around if you are waiting for a table.

Country store inside the Plain and Fancy Restaurant

Plain and Fancy!



Mike and I started off our meal with their Iced Raisin bread.


Heavenly iced raisin bread!

If you visit the blog for the Plain and Fancy farm, they have the iced raisin bread recipe listed for you to make at home!  I know I am definitely going to try my hand at making this bread sometime soon.  It’s delicious!


Rolls with apple butter

Your meal comes with the softest rolls and apple butter.  Let me tell you about this apple butter, it is incredible!  It’s not butter at all.  It’s strictly made from apples.  I love it so much!

For my meal, I decided to order the open faced turkey platter.

My dinner with mashed potatoes

My second side was brown buttered noodles

Most of the meals come with your choice of two sides.  I completely forgot to take a picture of Mike’s meal but he got their fried chicken which is to die for!  It’s not greasy at all.  The breading is perfectly crisp and filled with flavor.  The chicken on the inside is moist and juicy and pure white meat.  It’s a great choice.  He chose the same sides that I had.

We both decided to get dessert.

Mike’s brownie dessert

My apple crisp

I didn’t try Mike’s dessert but he said he really enjoyed it. My apple crisp was the best apple crisp I ever had!  It had the perfect amount of apple and cinnamon flavor.  I could have easily ate another helping of it.

I told you that I was in love with the apple butter.  I couldn’t leave the store without it.  So I purchased a jar.

The BEST apple butter!

I cannot wait to open this jar and start using it!  I think Thanksgiving will be the perfect time to get use out of this apple butter!

Thank you so much, Jacklyn for allowing us to enjoy the Plain and Fancy!  It’s such an incredible restaurant.  I should also mention that the restaurant is on a farm that is filled with lots of Amish culture activities and has a hotel right on the premises.  It’s a wonderful place to take the entire family and experience the Amish.  I know that we will most definitely be back sometime soon.  The restaurant is that good.  Have you ever experienced the Amish culture or had Amish food?

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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