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Peculiarly Perfect "Pear"-ings

Posted Apr 29 2010 12:00am

It's Thursday, which is the start of the end....of the week that is. :) It's also the beginning of crazy days at school, defined by not having a "break". [In teacher speak, this means the kids don't have specials, so you are "on" for the whole day, except for the time when they are physically in P.E. or the cafeteria, which is reduced in "break"-ness by the fact that you usually have to walk them there and take a second to use "the facilities." You will notice that teachers tend to plan tests on the days when there are no specials, because it affords them some moments of relative peace...]

Anyways, as I am currently fixated on overnight oats, I made some more for this morning. I was tempted to do everything exactly like I had yesterday since that batch was so awesome, but I thought I'd change it up a bit...especially as I noticed I had a rather sad looking pear on my hands.

Luckily, inside it was beautiful! Never judge a pear by it's skin.

(This situation always makes me think of the Berenstain Bears book were Mama teaches Brother and Sister Bear not to choose apples by their outer beauty when she cuts open a seemingly "perfect" apple and there is a worm inside, while the scrawny, scraggly apple is lovely and crisp. Although masked as a lesson about "beauty being only skin deep," I'm pretty sure it was also a loosely-veiled early attempt to promote organic food and reject GMO agribusiness.)

So, I took the oat/yogurt/ Trader Joe's whole grain drink combo, and added some rolled wheat flakes, wheat bran, and flax well as the chopped up dried fig which added such great sweetness.

I went ahead and added the diced up pear, as most people seem to put their bananas in overnight...I thought, "Why not the pear?"

I was getting super excited about the pear/fig combination, and I thought some crunch might be nice. After an internal debate between almonds and walnuts that lasted a little too long, I went for the walnuts! [I also threw in some Goddess Granola this morning as I ran out the the crunch factor.]

I've gotten some questions about overnight oats. For those of you new to the food blogging world, overnight oats are basically like a Swiss muesli in conception, where you soak oats overnight in milk or yogurt (or soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, grain milk...I've got someone with a Kefir experiment happening right now...), and then eat them cold (or slightly warmed) in the morning. I think the general rule of thumb is equal parts traditional rolled oats and liquid, but when I'm using yogurt, I tend to do two parts milk/yogurt to one part (or so) oats....but then you can add in fruit (mashed or sliced bananas are the best, but I've heard pumpkin puree is great as well), and basically anything else you want (wheat bran, wheat germ, flax seed, chia seeds). Most people say to add nuts, granola, extra fruit or preserves, nut butter, or even broken up muffins (!) in the morning. [I like to put the fruit in overnight to help sweeten it up.] It really is delicious, especially if you are a fan of texture (or just mixing lots of stuff together) and a great way to get your oatmeal if the weather or your mood doesn't condone the traditional porridge style!

And, as I have mentioned before, it is really fun to take to work and eat in front of people who give you strange looks but are too polite to comment on what you are eating. :)


Lunch today was inspired by last night's egg-venture in poaching! (Well, really just the side dish.)

A salad of mixed greens (including spinach and arugula, yum...), roasted asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, diced yellow bell pepper...

...and in a spontaneous burst of randomness, a mandarin orange and some slivered almonds! [The combination of sun-dried tomatoes and oranges is AMAZING if you've never tried it...]

There is an un-pictured Nature's Own sandwich round for toasting in my lunch "box" [it's a bag, really :)]....and my grapes were screaming, "IF YOU DON'T EAT US SOON WE WILL DIE A SHRIVELING DEATH!!!" I packed them, along with some homemade trail mix "special" blend.

I might be having dinner out (or in) with some friends tonight if plans work out! Hooray for fun work week nights :)

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