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Peanut Butter Addiction

Posted Jul 13 2010 12:00am

Remember my Favorite Things post where I posted pictures of my ten favorite things? Well anyway, Peanut Butter was one of them.

The past couple weeks I’ve been going to a tennis camp from 10-11:30 (30-minute break) and 12-1:30. During my 30-minute break, I eat a quick snack before going back onto the court again. (Thirty minutes really isn’t enough time for a full lunch, especially when I’m going to play tennis in 100-degree weather right after!) This snack usually consists of a piece of fruit (peach, apple, or a smoothie) and some pretzels dipped in peanut butter.

Today I had my strawberry-banana-papaya-orange smoothie all ready to eat, and a bag of pretzels, too. But when I searched my cooler for peanut butter, it wasn’t there!!!! How horrible! My poor pretzels couldn’t be bathed in peanut-buttery goodness before they met their doom!

So when I came home today, I ran to the fridge for a snack: peanut butter and cacao nibs. That’s right, I dipped a HUGE spoon into the peanut butter jar, and came back with a mound of creamy peanut butter. Then I took the spoon and dipped it into a big bag of raw cacao nibs, and rolled the spoon around.

And I give you the result:

Doesn’t it look so good? Well, I think it does. That’s why I went back for seconds.

And here is a picture of me devouring the last remains on my spoon:


Lesson-Learned: I can’t go a single day without peanut butter.

It’s like peanut butter is hard-wired into my system. It is something I MUST have EVERYday!

This reminds me of people who have coffee-addictions. They run around in the morning going, “Coffee! Coffee! I must have my Coffee!” (No offense to anyone with this addiction. I totally understand) Instead of coffee, I go, “Peanut Butter! Peanut Butter! Give me my Peanut Butter!”

Do you guys have an addiction like mine? It surprised me when I realized this today-it made me laugh!

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