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Peachy follow-up

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm


For all of you who wandered over here from Crafty Crow, welcome! Also, thank you for all the comments and emails about the Just Peachy Fruit Leather. I answered many of your questions in the comment section of that post but I thought I'd add them here:

** Yes, fruit leather can be made from many other fruits! I think the key is to cook down any fruit that is especially juicy. You want the puree to be the consistency of applesauce. I suppose really juicy fruit would work as is but it would take forever to dry!

** The amount of sugar in this recipe is for peaches. The sugar's role is for taste only and is not required for firming up, jelling, etc. You could make fruit leather without any sugar. When making fruit leather with other fruits, taste the fruit to determine the amount of sugar needed. 

** I suspect the fruit leather will keep for about a month in a dry cupboard (perhaps longer?). For longer storage, I would store it in the refrigerator or freezer.


**And lastly, my kids once went through a class taught by a naturalist who showed them how to make a Native American food staple called, Pemmican. Pemmican varies according to region, but it is basically a fruit leather studded with a form of protein (in this case, Elk meat), seeds, and nuts. We plan on experimenting a bit with this to make our own (more palatable) version. I found a couple recipes to try for homemade versions of Lara Bars and Cliff Bars. These would be a great thing to have on hand for the many field trips and outings my kids are participating in these days!

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