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Pea Shoot & Arugula Pesto

Posted Mar 08 2012 11:48pm
A pile of gorgeous Pea Shoots from Green Gate Farms !! I picked these myself, 
they're sprouting up everywhere!!
The Pea Shoot is just the top few inches of a new pea plant.. they grow like wild, so it doesnt do any damage to trim off the tops before they become big ole adult pea plants.
You can pick a pea shoot and eat it straight away.. it tastes like a blend of spinach.. and peas!! They wouldn't cook very well because they're so tender and delicate, but they'd be nice wilted into some pasta, on a pizza, sandwich or tossed in a salad. The arugula is growing like crazy too, so I decided to combine the two in a pesto for friends.

There are as many ways to make a pesto as there are people in this world. Feel free to play with the measurements til you have one that you love. Pesto freezes really well in tupperware, or in an ice cube tray (pop em out and store em in a ziplock bag in the freezer!)

I use miso instead of cheese. Try it sometime!

Pea Shoot Arugula Pesto
2 c packed pea shoots
1 c packed arugula
1/2 c cilantro, optional (i had some laying around)
toasted walnuts
olive oil
white miso

Combine the ingredients in a blender or a food processor. Or make a rustic pesto, by knife or suribachi ! A suribachi is like a mortar and pestle, only the bowl is ribbed.

For my guests, I served this with

Carrot & Turnip Saute
4 baby turnips, or 2 large, shredded
5 carrots, shredded
olive oil

Heat the olive oil, add the veggies and season with salt. Cook for 3-4 min on med-low.

Delicious bread, sliced thin
dredged in olive oil, minced garlic & herbs
and toasted under the broiler
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