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Panera’s You Pick Two: Soup + Salad

Posted Dec 19 2012 7:22am

Who wouldn’t want to have a lunch date with this little lady? 

IMG 1856

When I was recently sent a gift card (through Daily Food and Panera) to try and review Panera Bread’s soup, I was excited to plan a lunch date with Anna and our friends Julie and Sadie. 

IMG 1848

IMG 1852

For lunch, I decided to take the opportunity to try a new soup!  I usually get the Black Bean or the Veggie Soup with Pesto, but today was the perfect time to branch out.  After being at lunch (at Panera) with my girlfriend Katie a few weeks ago, who had ordered the French Onion soup, I was sold on it.  

All of those caramelized onions and perfect bread dipability. Yum!

IMG 1858

Lunch was immediately following an interval BOSU class I had taught, and I was starving.  The greek salad paired well with the warm and comforting onion soup.  

IMG 1855

Since going to Panera last week, I have been back for a bowl of French Onion soup!  Sometimes it’s great to branch out and try something new!


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Thanks, Panera!

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