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Pancake Bread-GAPS Diet Friendly

Posted Nov 09 2010 12:00am
Throughout the day, a lull in the noise and chaos of a house full of kids occurs. 
In little lapses or spaces, the clamor ceases.  Breathe.  Inhale the silent peace.
Someone claps sound proof headphones on my ears, if just for a second,
and quickly removes them,

and the clanging
and whirring
and shouting
and laughing
and stomping
and questioning
and crying
and fighting
and wanting continues.

Breaks leading to appreciation,
When the house is abruptly still and my ears get a respite,
And then they're gone as fast as they came.
I stop what I'm doing and really take in the moment, savoring a bit of peace.

Linked to Heavenly Homaker's Gratituesday
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