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Own a Small Business? Advertise for Cheap!

Posted Oct 05 2012 10:14pm

Cheap Advertising for Small Businesses Available

(Cheap advertising. It’s a win-win: you help send me off to Allume in style; I help you get the word out about your fabulous product, at very little cost to you!)

Are you a small business owner? Have an Etsy shop? Author an eBook? Conduct online courses?

Are you a new blogger who wants to introduce herself to the blogging community? Or perhaps you create gorgeous graphic designs and would love to attract some new bloggy customers?

Maybe you are a VA and would love to drum up a little extra work.

If any of these descriptions – or others – fit you, I have a great deal for you! I’m offering some pretty awesome a la carte sponsorship and advertising opportunities for rock-bottom prices. As a blogger and eBook author myself, I know it’s hard to get your name out there without spending a boat load of money, so I’m happy to offer you some dirt cheap options.

But here’s the thing – I only have limited quantities of each of these available (I don’t want to inundate my readers with advertising), and these prices are only guaranteed through the end of October. So consider snapping them up before they’re gone.

Limit of 3 per person/company. 20 spots available. In my experience, Facebook links boast the highest rate of click-throughs, so this is a GREAT deal, considering I have a potential reach of almost 9,000 on Facebook alone (according to FB stats).

4 available. This would appear at the bottom of each new post written during the span of 1 week. Many people see this as they scroll down to read the comments.

4 available. The Greet Box Message is what visitors see at the top of each post, right under the title. It has the distinct advantage of being above-the-fold.

3 spots available, above-the-fold not guaranteed. Catch the eye of my readers as they browse through the site.

1 spot available. Anyone who visits the blog – even for 20 seconds or less – will see this prominently placed ad.

1 spot available. The RSS Footer link appears at the bottom of every post read via email subscription or RSS reader.

1 spot available. An individual post dedicated to your product or company often garners more attention than all the other options combined, plus it comes with at least one free Facebook and Twitter shout-out. Sponsored posts are written by me, with consideration given to the content and links you desire. Guest sponsored posts are also an option, upon approval (i.e., I will not post a guest post unless it meets my criteria for content and quality.).

Allume: I'm Going!

In less than a month, I will be attending Allume Social, formerly Relevant, a blogging conference geared towards female Christian bloggers. I’ve attended each of the previous two conferences, enjoyed them tremendously, and am excited about attending once again. This year, I know a LOT of the bloggers attending, which is a big change from the first year, when I knew … uh… nobody. So I’m thrilled to be able to visit with and chat with these online friends that I see oh-so-rarely (if ever!) and have the chance to hone my blogging skills. Plus, there will be lots of great motivational speakers and moments of worship that I will treasure all year until the next conference.


I’d be happy to introduce your product or person to the other bloggers at the conference both in person, and via the conference’s social media streams. If you have a wear-able or useable product, I’d be happy to wear it and/or use it (uh, if I like it!) at the conference. This includes clothing, accessories, pens, notepads, laptop or smart phone accessories and the like. OH! And coffee cup snuggly things. You know what I’m talking about? Those bands that go around a hot coffee cup? I LOVE those things, and whenever I use one, I get LOTS of comments and inquiries. And, um, I drink a lot of coffee at conferences.

I know you fancy creative people out there have all kinds of cool things like that and conference goers eat. this. stuff. up. So I’d love to show off what you’ve got! And I won’t even charge you anything if your product is something I could use and love using. I’ll just wear it, use it, and tell everybody all about it! 

I’m also open to any other conference-sponsorship ideas you might have, and I’d be happy to work out a suitable price with you.

I’m also open to bartering! Contact me if you have ideas for bartering, and I’d love to work with you.

There always is one, isn’t there? It’s not really a big deal, but here’s the thing: if I don’t like your product or service and can’t fully support it, then I’m sorry. I won’t be able to advertise it from my platform. I know you understand, because you feel the same way about your own platform. So please don’t be offended if I do not choose to advertise your product. Pretty please. I’m a people-pleaser and I HATE knowing that I’ve offended someone.

For more information about stats and reach, please see my Advertising page.

If you are interested in any of these options, please use my contact form , or, if you prefer, email me at auth.simplicity (at) gmail (dot) com. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

Thank you for subscribing to Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy! Here's your free chapter of Your Grocery Budget Toolbox . Enjoy! Psst! There's a discount code in there, too, in case you want to purchase the whole shebang.

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