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Out With the Old, In With the New

Posted Dec 30 2013 10:09pm
New-Years-2014-HD Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

May we all have a vision now and then…

Wow, this past year has really been quite the roller coaster ride for me personally, how about you? I’m excited to get started with a new year with the potential for some big changes in my personal life… and on the blog as well! I’ve been recharged recently with some new motivation and inspiration for this ol’ blog and where I want to go with it, and I’m so thrilled you’ll be going there with me.

Nothing super drastic is going to happen – not like when I totally changed the name and the design and everything all in one fell swoop. Not gonna go through that again! (At least not any time soon. Can’t promise anything for the distant future.)  But here’s what you’re likely to see happen around here:

  • More authenticity: I intentionally chose the name “Authentic Simplicity” because I wanted to challenge myself to be more authentic with you, my readers, and with myself. Transparency and honesty can be difficult for me in some ways because I get a little nervous about what people might think of me if they really know who I really am for real. I feel like I have been more transparent and honest in the past year, but I also feel like I can do better.
  • More about what is important to me: namely, my family and my God. This falls in line with the previous point. I’m not truly authentic here unless I’m posting about what is truly important to me.,, and are all part of my life… but not the real part. Expect to see a little more of the real me. Like it or not!
  • More focus: My DH and I have put our heads together and come up with a plan for investing a little more into our online lives to see what we can reap from it, but unfortunately, in our current situation of life, the most time we can commit on a regular basis is three little measly hours a week. But that’s better  than the nothing we’ve managed to put in for the past month or so… and as the old hymn says, “Little is much when God is in it.” So we’ll have to take our three little hours and maximize them to the extent  we can. So that means not necessarily more posts… but more focused posts.
  • More better: Hey it ain’t great English, but it says what I mean and it fits with my “more” theme going on here, so I’m a-gonna stick with it. This blog is overdue for a little sprucing, cleaning up and redesigning, so those are all in the works for 2014.
  • More you: I can’t believe people actually come to my little spot on the web and appreciate what I have to say here. It’s an honor and a privilege and one I don’t take lightly. I want to invest a little more time in listening to you, interacting with you in this virtual space and having fun together!

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