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Our Wedding: The Flowers

Posted Jan 03 2012 10:16pm

It’s finally time to begin a series of wedding posts describing all the details that brought our big day together.  We’ve received the photos from our photographer, and I can’t wait to show them to you!

Before I begin, I want to explain why I am doing these posts: I planned our wedding on a budget.  It wasn’t exactly a small budget, but, I am frugal by nature (thanks, Mom), so I truly tried to save every nickel and dime possible.  I think it is important to share the little “secrets” I learned along the way with other brides trying to plan their weddings.  I hope these posts will be helpful, and please e-mail me with any questions: cookingwithcarly (at) gmail dot com.

The Flowers

I’m not big on flowers.  Honestly, every wedding website that I scoured only solidified my feeling that real flowers are an unnecessary (and big!) cost.  So, I started looking into silk flowers from the get-go.

For my bouquet, these were the types of arrangements that I drew inspiration from:

For the centerpieces, I was always into the whole modern/glamourous feel, so I was instantly drawn to these types of arrangements:

For the bridesmaids bouquets, I wanted a round, uniform look, like this:

(All above photos from Pinterest )

I knew that I wanted the flowers to be pale pink, as my wedding colors were gray with pale pink accents.

The first thing I did was search the internet for silk flowers.  The options were limited- I could really only find about two sites that had arrangements I would actually consider buying.  Finally, I bit the bullet and ordered the bridesmaids’ bouquets from The Bride’s Bouquet.  

Although their choices were limited, they had a pink bouquet that appeared to be exactly what I was looking for- round, all the same flower, all one color.  I ordered the Princess Pink 3-Dozen Rose Handtie Bouquet , specializing it with a charcoal gray organza ribbon.  I was thrilled when they arrived!

pink bridesmaid bouquet

They turned out to be exactly what I wanted.  The shipping was fast and their prices were very affordable.

Real Bridesmaids’ Bouquet from a florist: $60 and up (prices vary according to type of flower) per bouquet

Silk Bridesmaids’ Bouquet with 3-Dozen roses from The Bride’s Bouquet: $30/bouquet

Total Savings: Between $210-$400

Here are my beautiful bridesmaids with their bouquets:

bridesmaids pink gray grey wedding bouquets flowers

For my bouquet, I was all kinds of confused about what I wanted.

I went to flower showrooms and held different types:

I went to craft stores and weighed my options for making my own bouquet with silk flowers:

I quickly realized that making my own bouquet was a) not cost-effective at all, since most individual silk flowers cost between $5-$9 for ONE, and b) it was just too hard.

Thankfully, I started searching on Etsy for bouquets.  I should have just done that from the beginning, because the selection and value is endless.  I messaged back and forth with several different shops before finally making the decision to use Kim with Alexis Grace Designs. 

I cannot rave about Kim enough.  She always promptly responded to my e-mails, she listened to my input and completely understood my vision for my bouquet from the beginning.  It only took a few e-mails back and forth before my bouquet was finished and she was shipping it out.

bride bouquet silk pink white

I also decided to have her make the boutonnieres for Corey and the groomsmen.  I wanted pink roses for the groomsmen with the same gray organza fabric that was around the bridesmaids’ bouquets, and I wanted Corey’s to be the same, except with a white rose.

groomsmen boutonniere

Our fathers also had a pink rose, but wrapped in white satin.

I was even more blown away by Kim’s work when the actual package arrived.

She wrapped everything in pretty tissue paper and shipped it in a sturdy plastic bin, so that nothing would get damaged.  Then, she put hand-written labels…complete with a rhinestone…on each item in the box!

On top of that, she included a small gift for us (a tiny vintage-looking picture frame!) AND a hand-written card that was so sweet it brought me to tears.


bride bouquet ucf garter

bride bouquet morning photos wedding

bride wedding bouquet pink white

bride aisle wedding boutonierre bouquet pink white rose

bridesmaid bride wedding bouquets photo idea

bridesmaids bride bouquet pink gray grey photo wedding idea

groomsmen pink boutonierre

Cost of identical bridal bouquet from a florist (with roses, peonies and hydrangea): $200 and up

Cost of my silk bouquet from Alexis Grace Designs : $115

Total Savings: At least $85, probably a lot more!

For the centerpieces, I ended up getting very lucky- one of Corey’s friends got married in September, and she offered to let us use her 12 large centerpiece vases, and she even gave us all of the curly willow branches she used in her arrangement!

I used the above centerpiece photo for inspiration and got to work.  I bought several cans of silver spray paint, spread the branches on newspaper in our backyard, and sprayed each and every branch until it was pure silver. Then, I ordered hanging crystals from Shop Wild Things .

The result:

silver branch crystal centerpiece wedding

We had 20 tables at the reception, so I decided to do different, smaller centerpieces for the remaining tables.  I bought smaller vases in the same shape from Michael’s .  I found single stems of pink flowers that were a good price, and since I only needed 9, it was pretty cheap.  I had to cut them to fit in the vase, but that ended up being a good thing because it made the vase look more full.  I filled the bottom with clear gems that I bought in bulk from Save-On-Crafts ,  and filled each vase to the top with water.

Each centerpiece was surrounded with a few pink silk rose petals that I purchased in bulk from Walmart, and 3 votive candles that I also got from Save-On-Crafts.

The result:

pink rose water centerpiece crystal wedding

Cost of 20 similar centerpieces from florist: $1000 and up

Cost of my homemade centerpieces: $275

Total Savings: Upwards of $725


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