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Our house was full of smoke we are now feeling sick is it because of the smoke?

Posted by brooketoy

We put dinner in the oven at 400 degrees and went to hospital to see ill family then was unloading stuff at work, dinner completely slipped our minds so we hurried home and opened the door and the whole house was in smoke we didn't see fire but there might have been one in the oven. The house smells like smoke really bad even the next day and we are feeling sick now. Everything in our house still smells like smoke really bad including our clothes so now us kids that go to school brought the smell with us because it smells in our locker and lunch boxes now too. Not everyone is sick just about half of us.
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 So sorry to hear about what happened. I would definitely make appointments to have everyone checked out. Also it sounds as though some deep cleaning of the house may be necessary. If you have homeowners/renters insurance, check with your agency to see if they will cover costs of cleaning after a cooking fire.

Best wishes with your clean up. 

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