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Osechi-Ryori (おせち料理)

Posted Dec 30 2012 7:41am

Osechi-Ryori (お節料理) is the traditional Japanese New Year’s foods. First introduced during the Heian Period, osechi-ryori is basically a bento (boxed lunch box) eaten during the first 3days of the New Year. Each dish and ingredient in osechi has meanings, such as good health, fertility, good harvest, happiness, and long life.

Traditional Osechi-Ryori is very sweet. Because Osechi-Ryori for 3days, add sugar can be keep longer. This is the Macrobiotic style Osechi-Ryori. So I didn’t add much Sweetener like a traditional style.
*Ozoni (お雑煮)is Mochi (pounded sweet rice cake) in clear soup, Symbolizes vitality and stamina Symbolizes strength and health   *Braised Hokkaido Black bean(黒豆) Symbolizes longevity, health I use Rice male for this dish. Cook until black bean are very soft. Customer’s daughter loved this!
  *Datemaki (伊達巻き)Tofu and pumpkin rolls Symbolizes personal development, joy, success in study, auspicious Datemaki (伊達巻き) is the popular dish of “Osechi-Ryori”. Original Datemaki is made of Egg and white fish paste. I arranged Macrobiotic style! This Datemaki is made of tofu and pumpkin. *Shofuyaki(松風焼き) Symbolizes strength Seitan patty, walnut and pumpkin seed topping Original is made of Chicken mince.   *Carrot and daikon pickles(紅白なます) Symbolizes peace, celebration Red and white color is celebration color in Japan   *Braied Konnyaku tazuna and vegetables (蒟蒻と野菜の煮物) Symbolizes harmonious family relationship Konnyaku is miso taste, Lotus root cooked with Umeboshi.
*Agedashi Dofu(揚げ出しごま豆腐) Sesame tofu tempura with sauce. Sesame tofu is very soft, malt in mouth! It’s very creamy and rich taste.

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