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Oliviers & Company Olive Oil & More--and Giveaway Coming Next Week!

Posted Sep 19 2010 9:52pm
I receive a significant number of requests to review and share products with all of you here on Enlightened Cooking, but I only accept a limited few. Unless it's a product of exceptional quality that I think all of you might be interested in knowing more about, you simply won't see it here.

That makes it particularly fun and satisfying to review those products that make the cut. Such is the case with Oliviers & Company . They sent me a sampling of their top products to review, and all are nothing short of stellar.

I should disclose that I am something of an olive oil fiend: I love using it in everything from salads to stews to cakes, and everything in between. O & Co included three superstar oils for me to try: Lemon Olive Oil, Basil Olive Oil, and White Truffle Olive Oil. To share in the fun of sampling, I invited a few friends over to share the bounty: Eralda, Bryan and their son (and Nick's buddy) Jack, and John, Christine, and 2-year-old Audrey (jack & Nick are battling over who will marry Audrey.) It was a hot, slow Saturday here in Texas, so it didn't take much arm-twisting to convince everyone to come over.

I kept the menu simple: chicken & chorizo paella , arugula, goat cheese & date salad, homemade flat bread for sampling the olive oils, and cinnamon flan for dessert. And Kevin made a phenomenal sangria sweetened with some of the pomegranate fruity syrup O & Co included in the gift basket (too yummy!)

We tried all three olive oils, as well as a combination of the basil olive oil with O & Co's tomato powder. I think we all anticipated that the white truffle olive oil would win hands down. The bottle alone is swoon-worthy

But, as much as everyone loved it, it was the basil olive oil that bowled us over. If you can imagine the flavor of a fresh basil leaf coated in the finest olive oil, then you have an idea of how bright and intense it's flavor. Loved it with the tomato powder, too--next time we'll dip small cubes of fresh mozzarella in it. Cannot wait.

The lemon was a close tie for for second alongside the truffle oil--utterly fabulous with the rosemary flatbread I had made earlier. Here's Kevin and Bryan going in for a simultaneous dip (as Eralda suppresses a giggle with a mouth-ful of bread and white truffle oil)

John was heading in for a dip as well, but retracted, saying he did want his hairy arm in the shot. Put that arm back in there, John!

The olive oils further adorned the rest of the meal, including a drizzle of the white truffle olive oil over each serving of the finished paella (will I be able to eat paella without it ever again?)

Apologies for the bad lighting--it was inside, 8 at night, and everyone was ready to dig in, especially Kevin, who was giving me his "really? another photo?" look.

I used the lemon olive oil and a splash of sherry vinegar to coat the arugula leaves, goat cheese, and dates. This is one of my favorite salads: so easy, so scrumptious, and the hint of lemon elevated it further
And finally, a lighter version of cinnamon flan for dessert. I made the flan in one large dish instead of the suggested individual dishes, rubbing it with a bit of the lemon olive oil before adding the caramelized sugar. Wow. The combination of cinnamon and lemon is extraordinary.

Now it's your turn to share in the bliss of these gorgeous products. Stay tuned: next week, it's an Oliviers & Company giveaway you will not want to miss! Happy eating until then!
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