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Okonomiyaki - The Pizza of Japan

Posted Jan 17 2010 5:04am
This is my favorite recipe. Okay, okay, one of my favorite recipes.

I thought I had posted this one up before, but, I never did. Why? Because, well, it isn’t very photogenic. Okonomiyaki is the Japanese variation of a pizza, to a degree. I digress and say it is more similar to the Chinese/Vietnamese scallion pancake, considering it is more like a pancake than it is a pizza and has a primary ingredient: cabbage. So, it can technically be classified as a pancake-pizza. Okonomiyaki is a very popular item in Japan, along with yakitori and whatnot. It isn’t a gourmet food item, but, it is still good. It’s like our version of burgers. It’s a custom made order with basic ingredients. You can literally “have it your way”. Aside from the batter itself and the cabbage, you can add any meat, seasonings, and even cheese if you so desire. It really is a fantastic item. It also is light, quick to be made, and 100% satisfying.

I normally stick with the basic recipe and have additional side dishes. This time when I made the okonomiyaki, I cheated slightly. I cheated by pulling an Italian move. Yes, I puled a frittata on my okonomiyaki; but, I’ll tell you it was fan-frickin-tastic. Pair that off with some plain steamed rice, roasted kabocha, pickles – ecstasy; sheer ecstasy. Satisfaction is an interesting emotion to experience; total satisfaction, anyway. To achieve a calm state by food is amazing. It is something I wish to rely to other individuals with my hands, my skills, and my techniques. Well, I’m all most there. You just wait! In the mean time, try a different type of pizza; this one from Japan. It may just be your next brunch.

Oh, and the sauce? It’s pretty much a teriyaki with mayonnaise as well. Seaweed and katsuoboshi tend to top it as well. Oh, and you can’t forget the pickled ginger. No way.

Okonomiyaki, Osaka style
1 cup shredded cabbage
1 egg, beaten
¼ cup potato starch
¼ cup brown rice flour

Optional Add-ins
Beni shoga - red pickled ginger
Dried shrimp
Bonito flakes
1 scallion, sliced thin

Easy as pie - pizza pie that is!

Spray a 8” or 9” frying pan with nonstick cooking spray. Combine everything into a mixing bowl and assure that everything is evenly distributed. Pile everything into the pan and flatten with the back of your spatula. Cook on medium heat, poking holes here and there to assure air gets through and cooks the center. The bottom will be done when it pulls away from the pan.

Preheat the broiler. Wrap the handle of your pan with tin foil, if it’s not a stainless steel pan, and pop it under the broiler until the top gets nice and crispy.

Remove the pan and flip over onto a dish. Top it with more beni-shoga, bonito flakes, the okonomiyaki sauce (soy sauce combined with ketchup), and mayonnaise if desired.

Forget deep dish.

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