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non cooking is healthy cooking?

Posted by Shez B.

Since eating more raw food, I have been feeling soooooo good. I am not going totally raw, but a couple of nights a week totally raw, and including raw food at every meal is my new diet. I am really feeling brighter. So perhaps no cooking is healthy cooking.
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I realize you can cook out the vitamins in veggies, but what other foods are you eating uncooked-- meat? I have never heard of feeling better from eating uncooked food, but I would love to hear more (I hate to cook! :-)).
I have friends who eat nothing but raw food. They get their protein in many forms such as sushi, sprouted nuts or soaked nuts. Raw eggs whipped in lemon juice. I eat raw every day but will never to completely raw because I love cooked food once in awhile. But, I have tasted some pretty tasty raw food.
I try to eat raw veggies, sashimi, even beef carpacchio! However, there are some veggies like tomatos, that release more lycopene when cooked. Heinz Ketchup loves this fact. Also, some forms of cooking like overcooking/char-grilling/blackening have been linked to cancer.
Raw food is definitely less time-consuming to prepare! ;-) And this is especially good news for those who either are cooking-challenged, have limited time to prepare food, or are just trying to eat healthier! 8-)

Salmon is delicious, healthy, and oh-so-easy to prepare. Here's what you need to know about shopping for it: Wild salmon is deep red in color and has a richer taste. Farmed salmon is pinker, milder and much less costly. If you can buy wild salmon, definitely opt for it.

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You can also get a lot of protein out of nuts and seeds, which are also very rich in fiber. I found this site, which contains great recipes on the raw food diet. 

There are lots of protein sources for people who are eating raw!  Cooking actually can destroy the protein in food, meaning you need to eat more to get protein!  Sesame seeds are complete proteins, so anything with raw tahini is great, plus other nuts and seeds.  Not to mention all the leafy greens and vegetables that provide protein too!  I have a website with tons of easy raw recipes to get you started!


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RawFoodism is certainly a trend, and if it makes people eat more vegetable, fruits, lean protein and less animal fat, no wonder it makes you feel better.  But there are some concerns to keep in mind. Most concerns center around food poisoning: salmonella with raw eggs, vibrio with fish and shellfish, E.coli with raw milk, and various bacterial contamination of vegetables exposed to farm animal wastes and pesticides.  Cooking makes foods easier to chew, safer to eat, fiber easier to digest, and makes some nutrients either more available (from carrots, tomatoes) or less (vit. C is distroyed by heat.)   Total rawfoodism has been associated with amenorrhea in women.

A balanced nutrition is made of a variety of cooked and uncooked foods.  Raw foods have their advantages and their inconvenients... be aware of the risks and rewards and choose wisely. 

Although not a pure raw-foodie myself, I prepare about 90% of my food and go raw about 70%. I love to cook and create but who consistently has the time while maintaining a busy work and social schedule. Less cooking time certainly opens your schedule right up!

I've always told my clients that with few exceptions, the lower number of processes between what's growing/grazing in the field (or sea) and what goes into your mouth, the more nutrients will remain and fewer preservatives and bi-products will be added to your food.

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