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No More Shampoo or “No-Poo”

Posted Feb 02 2013 3:49pm
on by healthymama

I don’t shampoo my hair. Don’t faint, it’s still clean. I use the “no-poo” method, which keeps the hair clean and healthy, while saving money on shampoo. The method feels so natural and is so easy to implement, my whole family is on it now, including the kids. Their hair looks and smells beautiful and clean, too.

Most shampoos have sulfates in them (sulphates are the reason your shampoo lathers up so well). Sulfates penetrate the oils that coat your hair, stripping it of the oils it naturally produces. As your scalp is stripped of its natural oils,  it then produces more oil, creating the need to wash it and strip it again.

Benefits to “no-poo:”
- better for you and the environment: no harsh & dangerous chemicals. Safe.
- cost effective: baking soda and apple cider vinegar are cheap.
- convenient and easy to travel
- time saving: no need to wash your hair every day

When switching from regular shampoo to no-poo, it is very important to remember that there will be a transition period. Your hair needs to adjust to using no shampoo. This usually means that your hair will not look its best for a week to 3 weeks. You would most likely experience a great increase in the natural waxy oil your scalp produces, since your scalp has been overproducing oil for so long in order to protect itself from your shampoo. For me, the transition took 2 weeks, after which my hair finally started looking clean and luscious. During the transition, I had a permanent ponytail.

How to do no-poo:

I use a combination of a teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of water. I massage the mixture into my scalp, and then rinse. After that, I use apple cider vinegar to coat my hair. Then, I rinse again. The baking soda is alkaline and the apple cider vinegar works to add acid back in. 

In the shower, I have two plastic water bottles: one is filled with soda/water mixture and another one-with apple cider vinegar. While preparing the soda bottle, make sure to add warm water to soda, or it will not dissolve.

Keep in mind that when you are starting the “no-poo,” you are trying to get your scalp’s PH balance to rework itself back to normal. So, do not wash your hair with soda and apple cider vinegar more than 3 times a week. You don’t want your scalp to keep being oily. I did that and the transition period lasted two weeks only. Now I wash my hair with soda and vinegar 3 times a week, it costs me almost nothing and my hair looks great.

Potential problems:

Hair is too oily: use more soda or rub it into your scalp harder.

Hair too dry: use more apple cider vinegar

Kids don’t like “no-poo:” Close their eyes with one hand, while rinsing their hair with vinegar with the other hand: vinegar in eyes stings!

Can’t wait two weeks: explore buns and hair accessories. There is no need to look horrible.

Vinegar smells: your hair will not smell of vinegar, once it’s dry! It will smell fresh and clean.




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