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No Labor in My Labor Day, Just a Lot of Shopping!

Posted Sep 07 2010 12:32pm

A toothbrush and a fashion magazine. There was a really good pasta recipe in it and Zac Efron just happened to be on the cover.

My final stop was Great Harvest for some Honeyville cinnamon whipped honey. This stuff is ridiculously good.
Somehow, even after paying only $6.99 for my honey, I left Great Harvest with all these goodies. Irish potato bread, two chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, an apple cinnamon roll, a Savannah bar, and four cookies.
It pays to be a recognized food blogger/nice person who enters 5 minutes before closing. Yipee!

Later on I went grocery shopping and when I got home I realized I like a lot of bad-breath inducing foods.
I keep it classy on counter tops with Sabra garlic hummus, bread & butter pickles, sliced jalapenos, and Garlic Expressions vinaigrette. My roommate, Boding, told me "Real love is loving your girlfriend no matter how stank her breath is."

He also showed me how to keep it classy after eating too much garlic:
Apples help remove plaque, Scope rinses it out, and gum is gum.

Thankfully, after my shopping adventures, I also have ways to keep my body smelling lovely too: lotion, air freshener and potpourri. 
My butt started to hurt from sitting on the counter, so I accepted an invite to the movies bc the cushiony seats sounded nice. We saw The Takers. 
 Chris Brown and T.I. are all I really have to say about that movie. Before it started, my friend said "Are you going to blog this large popcorn and Coke Zero? Say something like 'During a recession, the economical way to go on a date is to not eat beforehand and then order a large popcorn for dinner.'" He keeps it classy too I guess.

After the movie I went home to Boding and my pickles. Excuse his foot. He's not a profesh photog.
Later gators!

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