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Neighborly Almonds--- savory almond recipe

Posted Jan 08 2011 12:00am

I am fortunate in the neighbor department. I've had so many kind neighbors. Sure, I've had some doozies, too---- like the crazy guy who ran up and down the street threatening people with a chainsaw (true story); but for the most part, my neighbors have meant so much to me. They brighten my day with a wave, they bring over treats, they provide a positive constant in the place where you want to feel the coziest and safest, your home.

On New Year's Day, one of our neighbors brought over some black-eyed peas and corn bread for luck; along with a little note describing the story behind the tradition .

Before Christmas, he gave us some savory roasted almonds. We couldn't stop eating them! Thankfully, my neighbor explained how he makes them and I made my own version; though I don't think my version does his any justice. But they're good, all the same!

Try them and I'm sure you'll like them. And if you want to share a little with your neighbor, all the better!

Neighborly Almonds

3 C. raw Almonds

1/3 C. stir-fry or teriyaki sauce (I used Classic Stir-Fry Sauce )

2 T. grainy mustard

2 T. sherry

2 drops liquid smoke

Method: In a bowl, whisk together the coating (all ingredients but the almonds). Add the almonds and stir until the almonds are coated. Leave them in the bowl for an hour, stirring ocassionally. Preheat the oven to 200-degrees.

Pour the almonds onto a thick baking sheet and spread to one layer. Bake for 30 minutes, stir and rotate, and bake for another 30 minutes. Allow to cool on sheets. Store in an air-tight container. Enjoy & share!


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