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Nap Time

Posted Oct 20 2011 1:51pm

When you enter the mom club you learn about something very sacred. It’s called nap time. Nap time is the part of the day that is all yours. Sometimes only for a few brief moments and other times for a few short hours. It the time when you get to decide what to do and when to do it. Are you going to use it to do a workout dvd, chat on the phone or get something done – like, shower, dished or laundry?

It’s a tough call on what goes to the top of the nap time priority list, and for me it changes daily. Some days I focus on getting as much house stuff done as I can. Some days I shower without having to clear the glass every 5 seconds to see what Anna is up do. Some days I just pick up and then I sit down and read random stuff (i.e. blogs) online.

Most day, my naptime consists of this:

1. Eating lunch. I like to eat lunch when Anna has gone to sleep, if we had a busy morning. If we have been home in the morning, I will fix both lunches and we can eat together. I used to always eat with her, but when I started watching Addie I stopped eating with the girls. They had each other to eat with and I was always running up grabbing them something. It was just easier to wait until they had everything and then I could sit down for a minute.


2. Cleaning up everyday messes.

Enough said.


3. Working on some house project.

Whether it’s spray painting a chandelier or recovering dining room chairs, my mom and I will often start a house project during naptime.


4. Doing laundry.


5. Starting the process of making dinner. This makes cooking enjoyable for me because it’s not stressed or rushed. Also, it makes our evening a whole lot smoother with more time to play, get something done or just relax.


Are your child’s naps pretty regular at this point (we all know this changes!)? What do you do during your “nap time”?

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