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Nanner Day

Posted Apr 25 2011 12:00am

Morning guys!!! WOW I got jam flavors from all over the place yesterday! some very unique ones!

P.S THANK YOU guys for your support and love on yesterdays post. I was BLOWN away by all of your responses, you all seriously warmed my heart- I’m glad my blog is inspiring and helpful to you guys!

So yesterday morning.. I started out with a new to me breakfast… Overnight oats! (that were heated in the morning– so does that defeat the purpose?!)

1/2 cup oatbran, 1 tbsp chia, water, peppermint extract and then in the morning topped with almond butter and blueberries!… verdict: meh! I didn’t like the texture of them and the flavor was poop… the almond butter was the best part HANDS DOWN

Soon after I headed out for a Speed Interval Run on the track on my training plan… It looked like this..

1 mile warmup at 8min mile pace

4 min jog recovery

1 lap FAST, 1 lap recovery jog X 4

1/2 lap FAST, 1/2 lap recovery jog X 4

In total: 4.66 miles in 41 minutes

It felt great!! my hip flexors were SCREAMING afterwards though.. gotta stretch those more often…

With the INTENSE heat- All I wanted was something easy to gulp down for recovery so I made another smoothie…!

1 banana, 1 scoop Vanilla Sun Warrior protein powder, 3/4 cup soy milk, ice, pinch xantham gum, shake cinnamon

Then I headed out… to my backyard to soak up some SUN! I’m a naturally pale gal.. (it’s that Irish skin) but I put on some sunblock and hoped to tan.. just a wittle ;)

I  multitasked by doing my homework at the same time :) .. My dog decided to join me!

I got a little distracted and continued reading up on this book, which I’ve been LOVING!

 I seriously love this book! Brendan is AMAZING- he is a vegan (WOO!) and an athlete (double WOO!) and he knows SO MUCH.

The book starts off discussing dangers of the ‘average’ American diet. What REALLY shocked me was that…

“according to the American Heart Association, 910,000 Americans die each year due to cardiovascular disease. That’s a death toll equivalent of 9/11 every 27 hours or a Hurricane Katrina every 17 hours”

likeeee.. holy CRAPBALLS! thats VERY shocking. Brendan then goes on to talk about his own experiences with finding a healthy balance and provides the reader with a detailed training plan and diet plan to get healthier. While I don’t need the exercise ordiet plan, the recipes are AMAZING and look so tasty and the exercises are great too- it includes pictures, which is what I need since I’m a visual learner with these kinds of things.

I definitely recommend it for vegans and athletes or those of you who want to improve your fitness and diet!

I met up with my rents and we all took my pup on a walk~! Sorry no picture- I was wearing the same outfit as yesterday……awkward

When I got home.. I sat down to my FAVVVVVV snackster- :)

P.S. our bananas are all spotty and brown- AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

I caught up on some tv as usual in the form of  MTV.. love

and ended up taking a nap…. for an HOUR! now if you know me… I can NEVER NAP.. my mind is rushing 24/7 so even when I try to nap.. I just can’t!

I was hangry when I woke up at 6:30 so I made myself some dinner…

I started with a veggie salad (brussel sprouts, carrot, pickle, tomato, kale) with lentils, salsa and vegan caesar dressing :)

as well as a crisp, cool apple and HEAVEN two of Emma’s ‘cookie dough’ truffles

Insert: blog reading and tv–!

Then I was feeling a sweet snack so I opted for the USUAL- sorry to be so boring, but this combo never fails to please me :D

As well as a hefty handful of almonds and walnuts a little later on! Nuts are my favorite little buggers to snack on- and they’re so filling too :)

I believe that’s 3 bananas in one day? hmm doesn’t beat my record of 4!

olright- well I must get my beauty sleep- school starts up again tomorrow :(


Questions of the Day:

One is one food combo/meal/snack that you can eat everyday and not get sick of it? Nanners and pb!

Are you a napper? usually not, but today- YES!

Nuts: yay or nay?

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