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My New Love: Coconut Water + Green Smoothies

Posted Apr 24 2012 9:40pm


I’ve never liked coconut water. Honestly? It tasted like vomit to me. Gross, I know. But it did!

In the raw food world, there are lots of recipes that call for it and I’ve purchased them at the Asian grocery store and cracked them open with a butcher knife in hopes of gaining some love for them. I even bent my favorite knife doing it! But despite my efforts…no love.

And then my friend was going on and on about it…but she wasn’t drinking it plain, she was putting it in her smoothie as the liquid.

So I thought I would try it too.

Eureka! I liked it. I more than liked it…I LOVED it. It gives my smoothie a totally new taste…nothing really overpowering, just a nice overall flavor. I don’t use it every time, but if I have it on hand, it adds a twist. It also has nice health benefits like high potassium and electrolytes (great for post partum) and a bunch of other things that (according to the Internet) may or may not be true. Google it :)

I like the kind with no sugar added (for obvious reasons) and have found it locally for 9 cents an oz. If you want to order a case (but not the same brand), check out Amazon . It appears to be well-liked and is 12 cents/oz if you do the subscribe and save option.

So for all you smoothie lovers out there, try it out! I know I’m late to the game and I’m sure some of you are already doing this, but I just had to share. Yum.

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