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My Green Mango Smoothie

Posted Jan 29 2010 12:00am

I could say that the sweetest and most luscious-tasting apple mango in the whole world right now is located in this place. Chip and Dale (the squirrels) can testify to that because of the evidence they leave almost every morning: a clean mango seed on the ground. My brother saw one of them with his very own eyes. And I saw one of them too walking through the water pipe onto the next mango tree. I could actually see them every morning from afar.

We do have a lot of apple mangoes this year which we harvest by installment. But some of them have been damaged when they fall off the tree, hitting the roof first and onto the ground. And they also have to be thrown away. The others are being eaten by the birds and of course a few would be eaten by Chip and Dale. I remember eating these many, many years ago and they tasted like medicine and the tree only yields less than 50 mangoes. That time, nobody wants to eat them except my brother with the green thumb. Today, they’re innumerable and the flavor is just getting better and better every year.

I think you would agree that mango has one of the best sensational taste experiences. The smooth ripe flesh is just sweet, luscious, and succulent. Sometimes I could eat too much of a good thing. Since these mangoes are high in sugar, they are also not advisable to be eaten by itself.

I love pairing mango with lime because it brings out the intense flavor of the fruit. The mangoes become more mango-ey, if such a word exists. When I'm not eating these mangoes, I make a smoothie out of it along with other tropical fruits. I also started making green smoothies by adding some fresh malunggay (moringa) leaves from our garden. The malunggay, a super food, adds a mild peppery finish to the smoothie while providing an array of super nutrients that has the ability to heal the body. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away in the United States, here in the Philippines, it’s the malunggay.

When it comes to making smoothies, it is better to follow your sense of taste instead of accurately measuring the ingredients. You can read my earlier post Breakfast in a Glass for more inspiration.

Here is the smoothie that I’ve made. I started with mango and lime before adding other ingredients. The idea in doing this is to build flavors by adding one ingredient at time instead of throwing everything the recipe calls for. I believe this is one way of building your flavor profile in your own smoothies and a great way to awaken your senses.

In the meantime, I’ll savor every molecule of these mangoes until supplies last. Tomorrow, I might add some hemp hearts to it; in other days, I might do a mango pina colada. I hope I'm not tempting you.

Do you like smoothies? Do you have a favorite combination that I can try?

Love and light,

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