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My fun-filled, Christmas-themed, DIY weekend

Posted Dec 18 2012 1:55pm

Thank you all for allowing me to take a day of silence yesterday to honor of the Sandy Hook victims. I felt like it was something that I needed to do to show my respect for the family and community members in Newtown, CT. It just didn’t seem right to talk about fun, light-hearted topics while so many were suffering (it still doesn’t). And although my thoughts and prayers are still with the families, I’d like to try to get back to a normal routine and blog as usual.

That being said, we have some catching up to do! I never got a chance to tell you about my weekend, which was pretty fantastic all things considered.

On Friday evening after work, I didn’t feel like making anything for dinner. Blame it on the busy workweek or the excitement of the approaching weekend, but I just did not feel like slaving away in my kitchen. No thank you!

After a quest to find something somewhat healthy and very delicious, Fabio and I wound up getting Chipotle!

I ordered a chicken salad with peppers, onions, black beans, tomato salsa, corn, and a little cheese.

I was worried I would miss having the rice (I usually order a burrito bowl with brown rice; I had never tried their salad before) but it was just as flavorful as usual and I really didn’t miss it at all. I just love how all the different tastes and textures come together. Especially the sweet corn. Yum. I love Chipotle.

Later on in the evening Fabio and I watched a few episodes of Dexter (we are almost done season 2! Omg you guys the suspense!!) and wrapped some Christmas gifts.

We are pretty much set for the holidays in terms of the gifts (I just need to get a few cards) and it feels so nice to see everyone’s gifts waiting under the tree.

It was a perfect evening at home with my boys :)

On Saturday morning I woke up nice and early to squeeze in a quick run with Jack (two miles) before heading off to the mall to meet my mom for our annual Christmas shopping trip!

Every year for Christmas my mom and I spend a day shopping and I get to pick out my Christmas gifts. Usually this is in the form of new work clothes, jeans, etc. Since I try not to spend too much on clothes throughout the year (although sometimes I fail royally at this lol), Christmas is my one opportunity to really stock up on new things I need.

This year most of our shopping was done at J. Crew and I was able to get some great pants and sweaters for work, which I have really been needing. It was wonderful! Here’s a sneak peak at some of the stuff I got, only not necessarily in this exact color or style.

[ Source ]


After we finished shopping, my mom and I headed over to Legal Seafoods for lunch. I looooove Legal Seafoods (omg the bread!) and was so excited to eat there. For our appetizers my mom and I split some mussels and steamed shrimp wontons, and for my entree I ordered a Maryland-style crabcake (obviously) with a side salad and roasted butternut squash.

Everything was delicious, as usual :)

When I got home from shopping with my mom, I headed to the grocery store with Fabio to pick up some food for the week. Naturally we decided to take advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free holiday drinks at Starbucks, especially since a tall skinny peppermint mocha is only 100 calories and delicious. Yes please.

Then we finished our shopping, made a quick dinner, and then got ready for a Christmas party at my friend Lauren’s house!

Fabio decided to go as scrooge (mostly because he couldn’t find a normal Santa hat- only a black one that said BAH HUMBUG) and I pinned a few bows to my outfit and wore crazy Christmas socks.

Then we took a few photos with Jack, of course.

The party was a blast and my favorite part was playing Catch Phrase. I am a big fan of that game and always like when it makes an appearance.

Please enjoy this collection of photos from the party and try to disregard the plethora of alcohol that you see pictured lol.

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun :)

On Sunday Fabio and I took it pretty easy, but we did manage to get our DIY on. Allow me to explain. The guy who lived in our apartment before us left behind a coffee table that he didn’t want anymore. We originally had it on the side of our couch and no one ever really paid much attention to it since it was in the corner, so we left it there. It was free and useful, even if it was kind of ugly and didn’t match with the rest of our wood furniture.

However, now that we have our new couch in place, we realized that the shape of the coffee table fits perfectly in front of the couch, except it was the wrong color of wood. A few weeks ago we went to Home Depot to get some stain for the coffee table and we spent the day on Sunday stripping off the current finish and staining the table a darker color.

Before/During the Stripping:


Such a difference, right? This darker color matches the other wood tones in our apartment much better. And, since the table was originally free, we thought it was a win-win!

We still need to do one more coat of the stain (after the first coat dried it started to rain so we didn’t get the second coat on) but it looks pretty good already :) I’ll post a pic when it’s done!

So there you have it! My fun-filled, Christmas-themed, DIY weekend :) It was definitely a great weekend, and now I just have to make it through the rest of this week and then it’s time for CHRISTMAS!! Woohoo!! :)

Question of the Day: Would you ever DIY a table to make it match better with your decorative tastes, or would you just buy a new one?

DIYing this table seemed easy enough when we talked to the guys at Home Depot, but I think Fabio and I both underestimated how long everything would take. This project took up the whole day!! I have to say it’s worth it though, since the table came out so nicely :)


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