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My Freezer is Famous.

Posted Apr 03 2014 7:34am

Y’all know I love blogging about  my freezer   meals . previouslyfrozenWIAWtwitter

What  didn’t realize was that my freezer has developed quite a reputation. laurafreezercomment

So I guess it’s time to empty out the ‘Previously Frozen’ file in my photo storage center one more time, eh?*

*I’ve turned Canadian. Because it’s cold there. Like the freezer. Where I kept these raspberry almonds. Get it? Maybe? IMG_2304 (1024x683)

And this time, no Brussels sprouts. (!) IMG_20140127_183747_952 (1024x575)

I never said ANYTHING about previously frozen green and wax beans (and carrots), though.

After trying to get too fancy and glaze them with some Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke Tapenade, I learned my lesson and glazed them with a hummus yogurt sauce instead. IMG_6067 (1024x683)

And egg yolk, of course. IMG_6076 (1024x683)

Clearly ketchup egg yolk is the best glaze for many a previously frozen vegetable. IMG_2884 (1024x683)

Like this previously frozen broccoli rabe that I sauteed with fresh onions, then mixed up with  Coconut Miso Glazed Parsnips & Carrots , with runny eggs on hummus-coated Asian rice puff cakes.

IMG_2871 (1024x683)

One of my other favorite frozen veggies is the sugar snap pea. I may or may not have popped a steamable bag in the microwave at ten o’clock at night for a bedtime snack once or twice.

(And see what I mean about ketchup egg yolk?) IMG_5592 (1024x683)

I even managed to somehow eat previously frozen EGGS. IMG_4939 (1024x684)

I know, you thought it couldn’t be done. But I did it.* IMG_4915 (1024x682)

*Thanks to a coupon, because I’m cheap and rarely by pre-made meals. But then I ALSO had a free coupon for a Lean Cuisine Honestly Good meal, so of course I tried that out, too.  IMG_5389 (1024x683)

[After forgetting about it in the freezer for months.] IMG_5380 (1024x683)

It was actually pretty tasty–and I classed it up by transferring to a separate bowl–although those meals always seem so SMALL. (Am I right?)

IMG_5393 (1024x682)

Of course, there is nothing quite so joyful as concocting a meal with a little frozen on frozen action, like the previously frozen onions and peppers I mixed with frozen shrimp for my Southwestern Shrimp ‘n’ Hominy Grits . IMG_5821 (1024x683)

Or when I had frozen half of the herbed pizza dough from Trader Joe’s, and made a roasted veggie pizza with roasted veggies that were–yep–also once upon a time frozen. IMG_5793 (1024x683)

Frozen on frozen.

Is that some new type of cheapskate broke blogger food porn?

IMG_2766 (1024x684)

If it isn’t, frozen Pumpkin Molasses Oat Cookie crumbles with Cinnamon Peanut Flour Goop must be.

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