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My EGG-cellent Adventure

Posted Apr 28 2010 12:00am

To introduce you to this post, I would like to quote, well, me.

"Is one allowed to quote oneself?" I asked myself, prior to doing so.
"Well, if you already talk to yourself, who cares if you quote yourself to yourself?"

"Good thinking, Self. How did you get so smart?"

That actually wasn't the quote of myself I was intending to share. That just happened in my head. But now you are probably super confused, and I don't blame you. I kind of am, too.

I should have just started the post....NOW!

Here is an excerpt from my daily morning message to the kids (although it is not presented here in it's correct, letter formation).


Buenos dias mis estudiantes!

Can you believe we are already half way through the week? Where does the time go? [Hopefully somewhere fun :)] Today we will be going to see a preview of the high school's production of Beauty & The Beast! I hope you are as excited as I am. And, speaking of beasts, tonight is a full moon, so watch out for werewolves...well, unless you are on Team Jacob. You all are probably excited for this evening.

Ms. Pember


Yes, indeed-y, tonight is a FULL MOON, a fact I learned not from watching the news or the Discovery Channel, nor reading the newspaper or studying science websites in my efforts to become a more well-informed science teacher. No, no, I learned this from another incredibly valuable source of information: the April 2010 issue of Better Homes & Gardens !

Not only did they tell me that April 28th was going to be a full moon, they also revealed that in traditional folklore, this was known as an "egg" moon.*

*I was just going to accept this as fact, and still would have even if I couldn't find any information legitimizing it, simply because it's cute....but according to my source-of-all-quick-knowledge, Wikipedia , there are actually interesting names for the full moons based on all of the months. In May, it's the Milk Moon. One step away from cheese...which is what the moon is made of, right?

I found it quite "convenient" (please make air quotes with your fingers there) that in this same BHG April issue, there was a special feature on EGGS, which, due to the incredibly beautiful photography made me obsessed with learning how to cook them in all of the different methods. [The article was organized so that there was one recipe for each of the most common egg-ing techniques: baking, scrambling, omelett-ing, etc.]

I have told you about my inability to make omelettes , but the photographs seriously just made me want to become an exacting egg expert! The recipe that most caught my eye was the lead-in, which was something along the lines of Poached Eggs with Polenta and Zucchini Ribbons.

Poaching eggs sounded scary, though. I just kept thinking about Julie, in Julie and Julia, having disastrous results and wasting tons of eggs, and so I had pretty much decided I might, might, might try the recipe tonight, but it would most likely involve scrambling eggs, making some polenta, and calling it a day.

But when do I ever just "call it a day"?

Also quite "coincidentally" (and actually, this really is a coincidence, but I like imagining you imagining me using finger quotes...and I like putting quotations around random's fun) Jenna at Eat, Live, Run , which, by the way, is one of the few blogs I actually read regularly/consistently, JUST LAST NIGHT posted about how to poach an egg.

I mean, full ("egg") moon is coming...I have the photos and directions of how to poach and egg handed to be via blog world...I had eggs in the fridge...

It was all very much cosmologically oriented I felt. (Well, except for the last part. I mean, it's pretty common to have eggs in the fridge...but I had EXTRA eggs, so I could mess up. That's something, right?)

So, I tried it. And, using Jenna's directions exactly....I SUCCEEDED! It was easy and delicious. I didn't even have to take a re-take on this egg examination.

BAM! Look at that possibly-salmonella-infested goodness....

You can see that I abandoned the polenta altogether (I just didn't feel like dealing with it...and eggs and toast are just such a perfect pair, really).

I also rejected the zucchini ribbons because, although I did conveniently have a zucchini, I also had asparagus, and roasting asparagus is about the easiest thing in the world, which is really what I wanted this evening. (Yes, I know, "easy" is not really equatable with tackling the seemingly insurmountable challenge of poaching an egg for the first time.)

But man, I did turn those asparagus into greatness. All I did was coat them with olive oil spray, some garlic powder (cheaters win in this case), and dried oregano, baked the spears for about 10-12 minutes at 375 degrees...then topped them with diced sun-dried tomatoes and crumbled goat cheese!

I saved the "woody" ends you get when you bend and snap (not Elle Woods style) the asparagus because I feel like there might be a creamy asparagus soup in my future....

OK, off to howl at the moon!

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