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My Daily Food Diary: 7/19/12

Posted Jul 20 2012 2:11pm

I’m a creature of habit, which turns out to be a good thing where weight loss and weight maintenance are concerned. Studies have shown that eating the same foods for some of your meals is a good weight loss strategy. It’s one of the suggestions Dr. Oz Makes in his book, YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management .

My Daily Food Diary Day #2

I started the day, the way I usually do, with 2 big glasses of water and half a banana with a little almond butter (2 PPV)…

Half Banana and Almond Butter Half Banana & Almond Butter (2 PPV)

I then took my 20 minute walk with Francie followed by another 25 minute walk to/from the park where I stretch a little and then sit quietly at this picnic table and do a few minutes of meditation. It’s a wonderful centering way to start the day…

Serenity in the Park Serenity in the Park


By the time I got back I was hungry, so made a rather indulgent weekday breakfast for Rod and me using the little bit of salmon left from last night’s dinner, which I new would power me through the morning and well into the afternoon…

Scrambled Eggs, Salmon, Tomatoes & Croissant Half Scrambled Eggs , Salmon, Tomatoes & Croissant Half (8 PPV)


Then it was off to do 2 back-to-back Weight Watchers meetings followed by a few errands. Since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to pick up lunch at my favorite Middle Eastern Bakery & Deli. I ordered the falafel plate which came with a small Greek salad and a large iced tea. I ate 4 falafel with a little tahini (8 PPV) and the salad (2 PPV) but failed to snap a picture before beginning. Here’s a shot of the remaining falafel before I packed them away in the fridge…

falafel with tahini Falafel with Tahini (8 PPV)


I spent the afternoon working on the computer and getting caught up on some paperwork. Before I knew it, Francie was clamoring for her dinner…

Francie Mom, it’s after 6:00. Where’s my dinner?


I’m not the only one around here with a hearty appetite!

Rod just asked what my dinner plan was and suggested we go to one of the restaurants for a bite. His having signing privileges at three great restaurants located just minutes down the street can be both a blessing and a curse. I’ve learned to eat carefully to stick with the program. To start we shared a crispy tossed salad, which I failed to take a photo of. (3 PPV)

The we shared two dishes. Sesame Crusted Salmon with Apple Chile Glaze and vegetables…

Sesame Seed Crusted Salmon with Apple Chile Glaze and Vegetables Sesame Seed Crusted Salmon with Apple Chile Glaze and Vegetables


And Bacon Wrapped Shrimp on a Bed of Rice & Beans…

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Bacon Wrapped Shrimp


It tasted a whole lot better than these photo’s suggest, but I really wasn’t that hungry, so I had two shrimp (3PPV) steering clear of the rice and beans, and a little bit of the salmon (3 PPV) and vegetables (2PPV) along with a glass of pinot grigio (5 PPV). I was satisfied.

As I continue to experiment with eating 3 balanced meals and drastically minimizing/eliminating my snacks, I’ve been able to stick close to my daily PointsPlus target while maintaining my weight at right around 10 pounds UNDER the GOAL WEIGHT I set when I was 28-years- old. At 48, I’m not sure how long this will last, with menopause looming, but I’m enjoying each day that it does :-)

The Day in Review:

Activity: 45 minutes walking with Francie (3 PPV)
Multivitamin: No
Water: 8+ glasses
Fruits & Vegetables: 6
Whole Grains: No
Low Fat/NonFat Dairy: 1/2
Lean Protein: 3
Healthy Oils: 3
Total Daily PPV: 36

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