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My 10 Favourite Vegan Recipes

Posted Nov 04 2012 10:06am

Exciting news – this is my 100th blog post, and it’s World Vegan Month!

In celebration of these awesome moments I thought I’d share my ten favourite recipes so far with you. Narrowing this down was pretty hard as I’m obsessed with every single one, but these ten are extra special for a whole variety of reasons…

You’ll have to forgive the over-enthusiasm of each description though, I just get too excited talking about each delicious dish! I’m continuously amazing by the fact that each recipe is so wonderfully healthy and nutritious yet even more delicious than any traditional, less healthy alternative. I hope you enjoy them all as much as I do.

Each recipe is of course gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, as well as being vegan.

Number one: Raw Brownies

This one was actually quite easy as it really is without a doubt my favourite recipe. It was the first vegan, sugar free dessert that I mastered and I still make it every week. It’s the recipe I know I can always fall back on when I want to convince anyone on my way of cooking, as I’m yet to meet anyone that doesn’t fall totally in love with them. There are a trillion thing I love about this recipe, but more than anything I love how easy it is and the fact that it turns out perfectly every time! It really only take 3 minutes to make and can be eaten straight away. I have to admit that most of the time I take the mixture straight out of the food processor and simply put it in a mug so that I can enjoy it with a spoon!

Number two: Avocado Cream

This recipe deserves second place, not because it is totally genius, but because it is the recipe that I make most often and because avocados are my favourite food. I whip this up at least three or four times a week as it instantly transforms something simple and relatively unexciting dish into a deliciously creamy, tangy masterpiece! It’s perfect when you’re in a rush as you can just stir it into your quinoa and in 2 seconds you’ve made yourself the most heavenly plate of  nutritious awesomeness. It’s perfect!

Number three: Strawberry Cheese Cake

This is an amazing dessert. I can’t count how many times I’ve made it since I discovered it’s deliciousness, it’s just fantastic. It’s super ready and really lasts a while, so it’s the perfect fridge treat! The soft, creamy melt-in-your-mouth top layer compliments the ever-so-squishy base so well to create something divine. It’s super healthy too: strawberries, banana, cashews, dates, almonds, pecans, coconut oil, ginger and a little agave! Makes a big change to traditional versions.

Number four: Roasted Aubergine and Sun-Dried Tomato Salad

This is a really fantastic salad with the best contrasting tastes and textures. It has all my favourite ingredients in it and comes together so perfectly. I love when simple dishes like this taste better than super fancy, super complicated ones. The softly roasted eggplant cubes go so well with the crunchy toasted pine nuts and raw zucchini slices, while the sun-dried tomatoes add that all-important sweet touch and the lime dressing adds a tangy touch. Just perfect! Vegan food at its best, I’d never want any cheese or meat to contaminate the deliciousness!

Number five: Sweet Potato Cakes with Cashew Cheese

If that salad is the perfect summer dish then this is the perfect winter dish. It’s a real family and flat favourite, we all love it. The combination of sweet potatoes and cashews is just fantastic. The potato cakes are warm, thick and hearty with a rich flavour. Their sweetness is perfectly complimented by the subtly sweet nature of the cashew cheese, which makes each mouthful so tender and creamy. Paired with a simple rocket, bean and tomato salad this dish will make anyone happy. Meat eaters always especially love it as they realise how deliciously filling vegan food can be.

Number six: Zucchini Apple Muffins

I think these muffins were my most popular post ever, they’ve had thousands and thousands of views and always get rave reviews. They’re such a great brunch item. Sweet but not too sweet, soft, squishy and tender with a deliciously crispy, oaty crumble-style topping. The dates also give them a slightly caramel like flavour which is awesome with apple filling, while the zucchini ensures they stay so perfectly moist. Grated zucchini may seem like a weird ingredient for something sweet, but trust me it totally transforms healthy baking! You have to try it!

Number seven: Very Berry Juice

I go through so many different phases of favourite juices but this one remains a constant favourite. I love the juiced berries just too much, they’re too delicious. A glass of this is also one of my favourite sweet fixes as it really is as sweet as candy, so replaces any need for real sugar! It’s the best, healthiest way to start the day as it’s just packed with berry goodness which always makes you feel great in the morning. It’s the easiest way to be healthy and get in a few extra portions of goodness.

Number eight: Roasted Butternut Squash and Pine Nut Quinoa

I’m a quinoa addict. It ranks alongside avocados, dates and sweet potatoes as my favourite food. It’s just so awesomely versatile, filling and yummy. I eat it practically everyday with anything.  It tastes great with everything but with these soft little cubes of sweet roasted squash, toasted pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and tender stems of broccoli it is just unreal. If you then throw in a side of avocado cream you’re in veggie heaven! For me this is a perfect meal. Nothing leaves me feeling happier or more satisfied.

Number nine: Cinnamon granola

I eat so much of this granola it’s crazy. Over the last two years I must have eaten my body weight in it! I love it with everything at all times of the day, with coconut yoghurt or almond milk for breakfast, on baked apples for desert, with berries for an afternoon snack or just a handful to sate a sweet craving. It’s just awesome. So perfectly crunchy with the cinnamon baked oats, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds, as well as the agave sweetened walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. All of which contrast perfectly with the deliciously juicy raisons. Sweet, crunchy, juicy heaven!

Number ten: Chocolate hazelnut tart

Oh this tart is just divine. It’s such a winner. It’s one of those desserts you really can’t believe is both vegan and super healthy. It seems crazy that something this good can be this nutritious. The nutty almond base crumbles in your mouth alongside the deliciously creamy, thick layer of chocolatey -hazelnut goodness to create something so heavenly. Just wow. You really have to try this one!

P.S. If you want more Deliciously Ella fun then come join me on Facebook, I share recipes almost daily there for continuous healthy eating inspiration!

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