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Mutta Mala & Kinnathappam ( Malabar Cuisine )

Posted Mar 09 2010 11:03pm

Kerala Malabar Muslim cuisine is famous for special Mopplah flavours, which are influenced by various foreign influences. The Arab influence is evident in some of the dishes like Alisa, a wholesome wheat and meat porridge. Certain variety of dishes like pathiri, chicken curry, unnakayi, adakupattiri, jeerakanji, meen pattiri, arikkadukka, aripathiri, mutta mala ( made of the yolk of eggs prepared with out a trace of oil ) are the speciality of the Mopplahs. Most popular dish is mutton biryani.

Source - Wikipedia

Recipe & Photo Credit - Mrs Ummi Abdulla, The Hindu & Outlook

Mutta Mala

Making time: 1 hour
Makes: 4-5 serving


For Mutta Mala:

Eggs -15


For Kinnathappam:

Eggs -15 

Cardamom powder from six pods

Left over syrup from mutta mala


For Mutta Mala:

Separate the yolks and whites of the egg. Keep the whites for kinnathappam.

Strain the egg yolk through a muslin cloth into a clean dry bowl.

Clean a coconut shell and make a very small hole at the centre.

Put sugar and two cups of water in a wide heavy vessel.

Add a little egg white, rubbing it well. Place it on the heat. When it boils remove all the scum, which forms on the top.

Remove it from the fire and strain through a muslin cloth. Heat it again and make syrup of one string consistency.

Take the coconut shell and fill it with egg yolk, blocking the hole with the finger.

Remove your finger and pour the yolk in the boiling syrup in a circular motion to form chain like strings.

Pour it continuously until the egg yolk in the shell has all been used up. By this time the yolk will be cooked.

Reduce the heat and sprinkle a little cold water. Remove the egg strings from the syrup with out breaking them.

Spread in a thali and keep slightly raised to remove the excess syrup. Use up all the eggs yolks this way. When the syrup becomes thick add a little water to bring it back to one string consistency.

Arrange the mutta mala or the garlands in a large plate and put kinnathappam in the middle.

Note: The left over syrup can be used for kinnathappam.

For Kinnathappam:

Beat the egg whites well.

Cool the mutta mala syrup and add it to the egg white. Beat till frothy. Add cardamom powder.

Heat water in a pressure cooker. Grease a wide vessel and pour in the beaten egg white.

Steam it in the pressure cooker till firm. Remove and cool. Cut into diamond shaped pieces and serves with the muttamala.



Bananas - 1 dozen
Jaggery - 200 g

Raw rice - 200 g 

Coconut - 1/2 

Banana leaf - few pieces


Clean and soak the rice in cold water for two hours. Wash and drain. Pound to a fine powder, sieve and keep aside.

Peel the banana and mash well till creamy. Grate coconut. Melt the jaggery in a little water. Remove and strain.

Add all the ingredients to the banana and mix well. Wash and cut the banana leaf into 10-12 cm wide pieces.

Now fold the leaf into a cone shape (as for a samosa). Pour the banana mixture into the cone and fold down the end. Put the cones on the lid of the idli vessel with the folded edges facing downward and steam till cooked. Remove from vessel. Cool, remove leaves and serve.
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