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Mommy’s Little Helper

Posted Nov 10 2011 11:40pm

Today was one of those great mommy-daughter days. It started after I got home from teaching 6am Bootcamp and Anna woke up calling “helloooo Mommy helloo” around 7:30am.

From that point on, I had a little mini-me on my hands. I showered while she brushed her teeth and read books on the bathroom floor and then we were off.   

First stop was to the doctor’s office for a well-check and a flu shot. The appointment went late causing us to miss our playgroup which was a bummer.


But since Anna didn’t seem to affected by the shot, I decided to stop at a few faves on the way home.




She helped by pointing to things we needed and naming them: “appaw, gape, O’s, cacker, yo yo” I could go on…

When we got home, she helped me unpack the groceries into the family room.



That’s when she noticed we needed a few more things from the “store” and offered to pick them up herself.


Obvious necessities like: a remote control, another remote control, a mini bottle of water, and a few books.


After unloading them into a kitchen cupboard with the pans – where they belong, she started decorating the house for fall. I have clearly been slacking since we were out of town.

How could I have forgotten to put the pumpkins on the puzzle wheels?


She paused for a quick bite of apple and a great big “cheeeeese” then it was back to work making a sign for the fridge.


When that was done, she wanted to help with the dinner party. She immediately pointed out that I had not done a very good job decorating the silverware and they needed a little pumpkin flair.

So she set to work again.


Yes, if you come over for dinner you may wonder if your silverware has been on the floor. It’s a possibility. Luckily, I clean often with natural cleaner.



And then finally, after a hard day at work she greeted our dinner company with hugs and kisses.



Best helper ever.

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